Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend rec-cap is going to start with Thursday since that's the day we saw Santa and I of course need to document that!

We headed to the mall first thing on Thursday morning to get in line for Santa.  There were only a few people ahead of us thankfully.  Our mall really goes all out for Santa.  Before you even go to see him, there is a little winter wonderland area you walk through and then an actual snow globe that has snow falling (although that part was annoying because I had spend too much time blowing that crap out of their hair)

Before we got to see Mr Claus, the nice lady who worked there snapped this family pic of us using our phone, I LOVE how it turned out.  When I look at this picture (which I have like 50 times) it just makes me so darn happy.

And then it was time.  I didn't know what to expect.  Brayden didn't cry last year but he covered his eyes and didn't say 1 word to Santa, but before we came, he kept saying he was going to sit on his lap and tell him he wanted a Trex takedown and a big play castle. Oh, and that Ella slapped him the other day and she shouldn't get any presents, bahahaha, kids, gotta love em!

To my surprise, he did not cry, he walked right up and smiled, although still a little shy, Ella had a few tears but the girls who worked there got her to stop, and Avery was just chillin'.  

Isn't it the best?! I have to say, I am a little sad no one is crying, I actually like those pictures :) But this one makes my heart happy too.

After the pictures, Santa spent a little time with them and Brayden mustered enough strength to whisper in his ear what he wanted, and then the unimaginable happened, Brayden & Ella gave him a hug. I almost fell over.

I always wasn't sure I would want to go to the mall Santa because it really is a big to do, but I must say, I loved it and it was so magical for the kids, which is the most important.  And that Santa was just awesome.  He even asked me to take a pic using my phone of just him and Avery (and of course as I handed her over I accidentally scratched her to make her cry)

Then we headed to lunch where Brayden held Avery's hand - I almost cannot stand the cuteness

Friday we didn't do much besides a lot of running around - at night my in laws watched the kids so I could do some Christmas shopping solo and then we went home and the kids watched a Christmas movie.

Saturday I took some selfies with Avery then headed to a craft fair with my aunts and cousin.

Saturday night my aunt and cousins were nice enough to babysit all 3 kiddos and we got a night out for my brother in laws 30th. It was super fun to be kid free but hanging with my nephew made me a little sad our kids weren't there (but not too sad because it was soooo nice to sit and talk and not chase them around)

Sunday morning was snuggle time with Daddy & Avery in our bed - love our little bald cue ball!

Later in the day we headed to a local small zoo for their lights and to see the animals.  The kids had a blast.

Then it was home for pizza and the hubs worked with the kids on their home depot projects.  I think Ella takes after her Daddy, she was SO happy with that hammer in her hands.

All finished!

Then we watched Frosty, had some ice cream, and I passed out by 8:30 - it was great.

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