Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I just love love love decorating for Christmas.  Although throughout the years I have definitely downsized the amount of the decorations I put up, it's still the one holiday I really spend the extra time putting everything up.

Here's a look into our home, I love the simplified look of all the decorations, there is just enough to make me feel all warm and fuzzy when I walk through our house.

First up is our family room - it's the most decorated room in our house. As always, I loved decorating our mantel.  This year looks the same as last except with the addition of my new chalkboard.  The chalkboard pretty much replicates this one and I'm so happy with how it looks.

My mom handmade all of our stockings - they are so special to me


I made the Christmas trees a few years ago using styrofoam trees from the craft store. I covered them in mod podge and added glitter.  Surprisingly it wasn't as messy as you would think.

The handmade artwork is hands down my favorite part of the mantel.  I love displaying their artwork and everytime I look at it, I get so happy. I need to work on new reindeer feet this year with Avery

Here's a shot of our whole fireplace, my favorite part of this room :)

I added some of my snowmen to our bookshelf and of course the kids picture with Santa


And then there's our beautiful tree which is really hard to photograph and much prettier in person

One last shot of looking into the family room off the kitchen 

This wreath hangs on our downstairs powder room - my aunt gave this to me probably 7 years ago and it's still one of my favorites.

The playroom (aka our formal living room turned playroom) doesn't have much decorating going on, but the kids do have their own little tree full of their own ornaments either they made or were given.


In our front entryway, we have a shoe cabinet so I just tossed this on there - it's from Hobby Lobby if you were wondering :)

 I put up a new Christmas sign (also from Hobby Lobby) on this door and decided to hang some ribbon and put our Christmas cards there

And there you have it, our little Christmas tour this year - next year I want to add more decor to the kitchen.  I just love this time of year and adding decorations throughout the house just helps me feel in the spirit and the kids love it too!

Now, I need to get my butt in gear with wrapping - there are only 9 days until Christmas Eve!

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