Thursday, December 4, 2014

2nd Annual Christmas Tree Chop Down

This was our 2nd year going to a tree farm and chopping down our own tree.  This is a tradition I couldn't wait to start with our kids.  I did have to do some serious convincing to the hubs but he got on board last year and now he knows this is just what we do :)

We had to find a new farm since our tree farm from last year was no more.  You can read more about that here

The place we found this year was about a half an hour away and seemed nice enough.

Max was so excited to be coming with us!

Of course we picked the coldest day of the long weekend to go but I like to get the tree the Friday after Thanksgiving so we can give it a day to rest then decorate before the weekend is over :)  The kids were FREEZING!

The hubs and I were giggling so much because Brayden was whining how cold it was and Ella was just crying for whatever reason.  He told me "these are those Christmas memories you wanted, right!?" Whining & crying or not, I LOVE our tradition even if it was torture this year for the kids, ha

There she is, our PERFECT tree!

I wish I took some pics of the hubby having to haul that bad boy back to the front of the farm by himself, while I pushed a double stroller, had the dog and kept having to convince Brayden to keep walking because he was so cold his legs were going to fall off... ohhhh the memories!

This farm had a huge garage that was kept open where you went to pay for your tree and could get hot chocolate and cookies - it wasn't the same as last year but it was still fun.  I'm thinking I might be on the hunt for a new farm for next year though, somewhere that has a cute little place to sit inside and drink hot chocolate instead of standing around trying to wrangle the dog and kids :)

We managed to get a pic of all us before we left and although Ella is crying, I love it :) Little Avery slept the entire time but you can see her carseat carrier to prove she was there.

The hubs tying the tree to the roof  - what a good sport!

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