Thursday, December 18, 2014

Little Mans Holiday Concert

Yesterday was Brayden's preschool holiday concert and he was so excited for it.  He had been singing all of the songs at home for weeks which surprised me because last year he never did that. This led me to believe that he may actually sing at the show... I was wrong.

We got there and he went to a different room to prepare with his class while we got our seats.  He walked out this year with so much confidence all I could think was how proud of him I was! He must have blown me 20 kisses from when he walked out to when he got to where he was suppose to stand.  My little ham!

Then the singing started, and while most kids were belting the songs out, my kid was up there acting goofy, lip singing the songs obnoxiously, he would open his mouth so wide when he was pretending to sing, it was all I could to hold in my laughter but at some points I let it out, because it was really so dang funny.  

At one point of one of the songs, all the kids were suppose to knelt to the ground, but not mine, he just stayed there standing.  Again, I couldn't contain my laughter! When he was done he was so excited to run up to us and we told him how proud we were of him! Even though he didn't actually sing or do any of the hand movements, this was 10 times better than how he did last year at his first performance.  Last year there were lots of tears and lots of covering his face, but not this year!! My little boy is growing up way too fast, but I'm so enjoying this ride.

Of course I think he was most excited about the punch and cookies they had afterwards :)

Avery was there but she stayed nice and quiet in her car set so we didn't want to go and disturb that...

It was so much fun and now my little guy is off school for 2 weeks, we need to plan some fun stuff to keep him entertained!

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