Monday, December 29, 2014

christmas recap

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I have thoroughly enjoyed these last 5 days and treated them as my "vacation" time - which means I actually slept in until 6am everyday! It was glorious!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, we sure did and I'm still trying to figure out where to put everything the kiddos got.

Christmas Eve morning we had a little North Pole breakfast in honor of our elf, Twinkles, leaving that night.  The kids were SO excited about this which made all of the effort I put into it completely worth it.  Brayden came downstairs and saw everything then ran up to wake up the hubby while screaming, "there's a North Pole breakfast Dad! There are donuts like snowmen and reindeer and hot chocolate and it is awesome!! Come downstairs now Dad!" 

Even Avery got to enjoy the ambiance of the breakfast - to think she will be joining them in eating it next year, so crazy!

The rest of the day we just relaxed and made some more cookies for Santa, then headed to my Aunt's house at night. 


Around 10 we headed home, got all of the kids in bed which was a miracle because Brayden and Ella were so hyped up from all of the cookies they were eating sneaking.  Then it was time for the hubs and I to bring everything up to put under the tree and collapse.

Christmas morning I was up early preparing our homemade cinnamon rolls that we have once a year on Christmas morning.  They are so worth the prep! (which isn't even that bad)

The kids finally got up and it was present time! Brayden's face was lit up when he came down and saw all of the presents and that the cookies were mostly eaten by Santa.  I just LOVE watching these moments through their eyes.  

This quote is so true!

Ella is still little but she definitely knew presents were for her and she enjoyed opening them, if it took her 4 times as long as her brother :)

This Elsa doll was by far Ella's favorite present! You lift her arm up and she sings Let it Go - so Ella must have lifted her arm 100 times that morning then would lift her arms up and start singing, it was so darn cute!

Like Father like daughter :) 

Avery was happy her big brother was there to help her open her presents

Santa brought the big castle he had been asking for!!

After we played with all the new stuff, we headed over to my Mom's house for more presents, then to my in laws later at night.  It was a fun filled Christmas this year and Brayden and Ella had the best time! We are so blessed and grateful to have spent another Christmas together with all our families.


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