Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Re-cap

It was another super fun weekend around here for us...this one was actually pretty darn relaxing, which is rare in the summer!

These 2 just melt my heart, literally! Ella just loves when her brother is around!


Big brother asked to feed little sister, he did such a good job!

Those little legs, I can't stand it! I just want to eat them..oh wait, I do

Family swimming time over at my in-laws.  They weren't home so we had the pool to ourselves.  This was Brayden's first time swimming with his puddle jumper, I love that thing! He did so good :)

Daddy and Litlte Miss just relaxing...

Saturday the hubs and I had date night - we started by going to a local winery and sharing a bottle of wine..not going to lie, I was pretty tipsy on our way to dinner :)  We ate a steakhouse we've never been and it was so delicous!  It's pretty funny how now that we are parents, our date "night" starts at 4pm and we were home by 8, sleeping by 9:30pm...

Sunday morning started off building legos - this little boy makes me so happy

Sunday afternoon we went back to my in laws and did more swimming!! I can't remember the last time we swam so much over the weekend, it was so nice

Me and my girl watching some tv being goofy :)

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