Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4th of July 2013

4th of July was pretty low key this year, but still really fun.  The hubs and I started our day out by going to buy a new car, a Chevy Traverse.  After spending a few hours we walked out at the very end due to some misunderstandings given to us by the salesman.  (We worked things out and went back the next day and got the car - which I love by the way!!)

After the kids naps we headed over to my in-laws.  It was a casual BBQ and fun to catch up with everyone. Brayden was really interested in the fireworks this year (totally taking after his Daddy!) With the help of his Uncle Phil he did his first sparkler.

We went home around 9:30 and our neighborhood was having crazy firework shows so we went in the backyard to check it out.  Brayden was enjoying it for a while then I think he got a little nervous with how loud they were so he asked to come inside, but then continued to watch from the window, where it was more safe :)

I just love these 2!!

My little cutie pie!!


All of the Sister in Laws, Brayden and my nieces


The best family photo I could get :)


Aunt Becca & Uncle Phil and Baby Ella :)


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