Monday, July 15, 2013

Little Man Turns 3

Written July 12th 2013 – My baby turned 3!! Seriously, how did this happen?

To Brayden, my first born, my little lovebug, my munchkin butt - today you are 3! 3!! I still can’t believe it has been 3 years, it has gone way too fast which leads me to believe that pace will only continue, if not, get faster.  I am so blessed to have spent these last 3 years with you, you are an amazing little boy and you have brought true happiness into my life. I want you to know just how much love you – to infinity and beyond as I tell you, but I love you even more than that. 

You are such a sweet boy and anyone who comes around you can see these qualities instantly.  You will randomly come up to me, take my head into your hands, and kiss each of my cheeks, then each of my eyes, and you end with a kiss on my forehead.  I literally melt when you do this.  You always want to include our whole family when we do things.  Anytime I tell you we have to go somewhere, you make sure to ask “Can Daddy come too? Can Baby Ella come too? Can Maxy come too?” I hope you always want to include us.

You are so polite – something I hope you keep with you all your life.  Always saying please, thank you, you’re welcome for just about everything.  It makes Mama so happy you have learned great manners at such a young age.

You are Mr. Smartypants! And I don’t mean that sarcastically.  You continue to amaze me with the skills you obtain.  You are rockin’ on the computer, you are so good with shapes, sizes, colors, & letters,  You are a master with puzzles.  You can put together 24pc puzzles by yourself and some 48pc ones!

You still LOVE crafting! This makes Mama so happy! We still do a craft about once a week, sometimes more depending on our schedules. I love bonding through crafts with you.

You can talk SO MUCH! Like really, some of the sentences that come out of your mouth amaze me.  There really isn’t anything we can’t understand that you say.  You are saying up to 15 word sentences and you use the proper verbs/nouns/adjectives when describing things.  It’s so incredible to watch you and see how you have learned the English language so well in the past year.

You continue to be such a good big brother to Baby Ella.  You two have really started to interact over the past month and it’s so cute to see.  If she drops something, you are quick to pick it up, if she’s crying, you try to make her laugh and she loves when you play tug of war with her with toys.  I hope your relationship only grows stronger with your sister.

You still love being outside and now that it’s summer spend pretty much everyday out there! You aren't that big into swimming this summer as you were last but you still love to play with water.  You are such a big helper when I water the garden, I love that you always offer to help me.

You are becoming so much more social and for you, this is a big deal.  You have always been very reserved around people and you still have your shy moments, but I can see you coming out of your shell.  When we go to the park now, you will start talking to any of the little kids that are there, usually I go with at first to initiate the conversations, but then you are fine all by yourself and I sit back and watch in amazement.  I hope your confidence continues to grow and you learn to make friends easily.

I can’t believe how much difference a year makes, and I also can’t believe I have a 3 year old! Please grow slowly my love; I want to savor every moment with you. 

I love you so much my little cuddle buddy!

Love Mama

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