Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Wall Hook Rack

So I have been wanting to add a wall hook rack under our command center to hold mainly the hats that seem to be accumulating for my kids, as well as backpacks, purses, etc.  I wanted to add hooks to a piece of wood for a more country feel since that is the style I think we're going to go when we remodel.  

This project was super easy and although I don't love how it turned out, it has already helped us declutter the hats around here! Since it's Summer, I figured it would be nice to keep the hats out and be easy to grab on the way to play outside.  

I really wanted the wood to look more rustic.  We are going to have to take everything off this wall anyway when we paint so maybe at that time I'll pick a different piece of wood or distress this one.

As you can see, our command center definitely gets a lot of use!


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