Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brayden's 3rd Birthday Part 2

The day after Brayden's actual birthday, we celebrated again with a kiddie birthday party.  We threw the party at one of our park districts' pools.  This was by far the easiest birthday party we've thrown to date, I literally only brought a birthday banner to the place.  Everything else was provided to us - drinks, food, cake, ice cream and 2 hours of unlimited play in the pool/water park. 

When we showed up, my little man was seriously so excited, he sat down like he owned the place and was just looking around waiting for his little friends to come. 

I think everyone had a really good time - it was nice to just relax outside in a pool and not really stress over a party for once :)  Don't get me wrong, I love throwing big stressful parties too, but this was so nice.

First banner made with my Silhouette, love that thing!

An actual photo where everyone is looking AND smiling! :)

Checking out a bug :)

This picture cracks me up, he's like "yep, that cakes for ME!"

So good at blowing out candles this year!

OMG just look at her!!

This concludes the 3rd birthday celebration, although ever since going to the zoo on his actual birthday, (which was almost 2 weeks ago) he has been asking us everyday "Can we go to the zoo on Friday for my birthday?"  Seems this little boy thinks every Friday is his birthday!

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