Monday, February 26, 2018

Weekly Recap - Flu Edition

Happy Monday friends!! Phew what a week we had. It all started off great with Monday the holiday. Brayden was home with us but Ella actually had preschool to make up for that snow day we got. I was unsure if I was going to send her but I did and I was glad to because there were only about 8 kids and they all got more one on one time and had lots of fun. After we picked her up, we headed to lunch and then to the library for a fun educational show on dinosaurs. We even got to see lots of dinosaur fossils which was pretty cool!!

Tuesday morning before school Brayden said his head hurt really bad but he seemed ok to me - as in he was eating all his breakfast, messing around with his sisters, and had no fever, so I sent him to school but told him to see the nurse if he still doesn't feel good.

Later in the day I was suppose to pick up Ella's friend and all us girls were heading to the library for a fun STEM class but right before I was suppose to leave, I got the call from the nurse. She said that Brayden had been down twice complaining about a headache but had no fever. I figured I would go get him because he has never gone to the nurse to come home before and I didn't want him to suffer at school. Once we went to pick him up, I could immediately tell he didn't feel good and he felt warm. The school nurse took his temp again and it was 99.5 and she said that had just started and that something was going on for sure. We went home where he immediately went in our bed to lay down. At this point I was starting to think this could be the flu so I made an appt for the next morning.

We got to the dr and they swabbed for flu and called me 15 minutes with the results - positive for influenza A. I was so sad for my boy because he was MISERABLE. The dr prescribed us Tamiflu and even after all that crazy stuff I read or heard, we decided to give it to him. I am happy to report he had no side effects with it and I truly believe that, with the fact he got his flu shot, led to him only being really sick for 2 days. By day 3 he was fever free and he was even able to go back to school Friday! However, in between his sickness, I caught it (go figure since I was sleeping with him every night to make sure he was OK) and I got on Tamiflu right away too. Again, no side effects and I believe it helped because I had 2 terrible days but by Saturday I could see the light. No fever and just felt a little run down. By yesterday I had all my pep back in my step and was soooo happy to being feel myself again!! The flu is no joke but I am so grateful we had easy cases.

So really our week kind of sucked, but I am so happy it wasn't the week before, or we would have missed all the Valentine's fun we had!

The weekend wasn't that eventful either - we were suppose to go to my nephews 1st birthday Friday night but I was still sick and we didn't want to possibly expose the flu virus through Rick & the girls so instead, Rick took all the kids to the school's Fun Fair - the kids had a blast and I was happy to get an hour to myself to relax.

Saturday Rick took the girls to dance and had Brayden go with so again, I could relax. Then he took them to the library to pick out books and then home. Later in the day my Mom came to pick up Ella for some one on one time and Rick & Brayden headed to his basketball team party at the local bowling alley. Since I was feeling so much better I took Avery to Old Navy to return something and then to Trader Joes to stock up on my favorite wine.

Sunday we hung around outside for a while, I did lots of cleaning and laundry and my Mom took Brayden for a few hours to hang out. I always want another day in the weekend but this weekend I REALLY wanted an extra day!

So there you have it, our not so fun-filled week fighting off the flu!

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  1. Oh sweetie, I wish you had another weekend day, I know this flu has been rough, this week shall be waaay better!

  2. Hope this week is filled with healthiness for you guys! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ugh, so sorry you caught the flu. It's been scaring me because we all had the flu shot but so many people are getting it anyway!

  4. So glad to hear both you and Brayden are feeling better! You hear such crazy stuff on the news about Tamaflu, I would be a tad bit nervous taking it, too, but I am so glad it worked out for you guys!

  5. This was our week a couple of weeks ago. So sorry you guys had a rough week - hoping everyone is feeling great and ready for an awesome week!

  6. Ugh, just reading the title of this post made me shudder. We are right in the thick of flu season down here, too, but the weather has been consistently warm so I'm hoping and praying that the germs die off and go away once and for all!

  7. That explains no post on Friday, I sure am glad you all are on the mend. It's been the worst winter for it and glad you had no side effects, you hear crazy things! xoxo ERIN

  8. Sorry you felt sick; my three boys and husband all the had he flu and even without the flu shots or Tamiflu most of them were feeling just fine in a couple of days. I was so thankful not to get it as all 4 of "the boys" each came down with it a few days apart and I was busy running around taking care of them all.

  9. Oh no, so sorry you guys caught the flu!! It's been awful this year! I hope this week is full of much better health!!

  10. I am so sorry you all weren't feeling well. These germs have just been out of control this year. It looks like you still worked some fun in there. Sierra~Beautifully Candid