Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Making Valentine's Day Special

If you know me, then you know I'm all about doing extra little things to make my kiddos feel special. I love it!

Here's a few ways I  make my kids feel special around Valentine's Day

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*Notes on their door

I saw Beth post this last year and I immediately jumped on board! This is something that doesn't take much time at all and I know my kids are eager to wake up and see the newest note


I bought these mailboxes from the dollar spot years ago and decorated some for myself, Rick, Brayden & Ella. Avery wasn't a for sure thought at the moment but I knew to grab a few extra to store away just in case. This year we whipped them out and Ella helped Avery decorate hers. These hang out on our shoe cabinet and it's so fun to see the kids get excited when they have mail. But what's even more cuter is the notes they leave for each other or for myself and Rick! They really are taking the lead with these mailboxes and it's just another fun way to show affection

*Heart shaped food

A couple of years ago we made homemade heart shaped pizza (Valentine's Day was on the weekend) but this year, I think I'm starting a new tradition where I pick up frozen heart shaped pizzas from our local deep dish pizza place and surprising them with that for dinner. It will be a normal school night of homework and baseball practice, so this will just be something fun to throw in (and I'll be happy not having to cook!)

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I'm also debating on picking up a heart shaped chocolate cake from Portillos - yuuuum!

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*Little Gifts on the day

I always put together a little something for my kids for actual Valentine's Day. This year I'm keeping it simple and giving them some candy, a new beanie boo for the girls, a squishy for Brayden and some craft stuff I grabbed at the dollar spot.

There you have it - I don't go crazy but it's fun to do a few little things to make my kiddos feel extra special 💗

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Do you do any of these for your kids?


  1. Oh those little mailboxes are too cute!!

  2. Well now I am really excited. We have a Portillos opening soon and I can’t wsit to get a heart shaped cake! You are so sweet, bet your family adores the love you put into things!

  3. These are awesome ideas! I love how much you celebrate the holidays with and for your kids! Those mailboxes...what a cute idea. Do you leave them out all of February? Love it!

  4. We do heart shaped pizza too from Papa Murphy's simple but everyone loves pizza so everyone is sure to eat on Valentine's Day. I love the hearts on the door. I might have to try that this year and those little mailboxes are too cute :) xoxo ERIN

  5. Since Valentine's Day is on a Wednesday, I need to figure out how big I want to do things. I will do something... just don't know what yet.

  6. I love these mailboxes. I also want to do the hearts on the door.

  7. The mailboxes are adorable! Our Target had some this year and I'm kicking myself for not getting any.

  8. We do many of the same things! Love the notes on the door idea!

  9. These idea are absolutely precious!!

  10. Love, love, love these simple and sweet ideas. Thank you so much for sharing my link too :). This is the first year I haven't done it in a long time, but it will make a return next year.

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