Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Recap {2.12.18}

Another fun filled week/weekend is in the books! We got snow and then more snow and finally got a snow day on Friday!

but let's rewind a little

Last Tuesday after speech, I took Ella to the library for their STEM class. She had fun as always and loved playing with these space beads (really just super long bead necklaces) you put them all in the cup then pulled a little out and they would all fly out - she loved it! She also painted and made an airplane


Tuesday after Avery got home from school we did some fun science experiments - basically just give kids baking soda + vinegar and they're happy campers!!!

Wednesday while big sis was at preschool, me and Miss A did some worksheets and tried to do some school at home. She is so different than the other 2 where as she really isn't into this stuff yet, she just wants to have fun all day, every day. I cracked up at her with her hand on her head. I only imagine her thinking "gosh Mom, whyyyyyyyy do I have to do this?"

After Ella got out of school, we headed to the mall with my Mom. I had to pick up Avery's shoes for the Daddy/Daughter dance and I let the girls pick out their necklaces they're going to wear. $50 later at Claires and we had new necklaces, mermaid sequined journal and squishies. I think I got duped.

Getting massages LOL

Avery is getting so good at putting on lipstick :)

Thursday night we got the call that Friday was going to be a snow day. This was the kids Friday morning - they were sooooooo happy for a day off!

They headed outside to play around 9am LOL

Later on I decided to clean up my car (it was parked in the driveway) and take them sledding - by far the worst decision of my day. It took 40 minutes to get ready to go only for the girls to complain and cry and we went home after only 10 minutes of sledding. Definitely one of those "what was I thinking" moments. There was just too much snow and no one had been to the hill yet so they were falling out of their sleds every time and basically get white washed every time. 

Later when Rick got home he went outside to snowblow and Ella wanted to join him so she got suited up
Before you know it, they all wanted to go out and this was my view from my front door :)

Saturday morning it was visiting day at the girls' dance classes - first was Avery's class then Ella. I can't handle their cuteness!!

Then we had Brayden's last basketball game of the season and it was his best game!!! He played so well, scored 2 baskets and just overall rocked it! I was soooo proud!!!

After the game my mom/sister/brother in law and nephew came over to hang out. We ended up hanging out all night and had alot of fun!

Sunday we took the kids sledding in the morning and it was much better than Friday, however, Ella still managed to cry. After sledding we stopped by our local donut shop and got donuts and hot chocolate. 


Rick took the girls to a birthday party later in the day and Brayden had his buddy over. I got some things done but of course not nearly as much as I wanted to. We ended the night watching the Olympics

How was your weekend?

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  1. Love ending a sledding time with doughnuts and hot chocolate, that wine is looking pretty good in your hand too, lol! Crazy how much snow we got! Hope you have a super week ahead!

  2. Oh my gosh look at all that snow you guys had!! So much fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I was wondering how much snow you all got - when you hear about schools up there closing, it is BIG! LOVE that picture of Avery - poor girl. If she only knew how much school she has ahead of her!

  4. I heard about all of the snow up north and I was thinking about you because I know how much y'all love it! Gracious, that is a ton! We wouldn't know what to do with that down here. Haha.

  5. I've never taken my kids sledding. It's too cold for me!

  6. We have had so much snow day after day here but never enough all at once for a snow day! My kids were bummed! We need to go sledding but Lucy hates the snow so for now we just go out in the backyard while she naps :) xoxo ERIN

  7. Wow look at all of that snow!! I kind of hope we get one more snowfall this season so we can really enjoy it. I am cracking up at Avery with her hand on her head doing her worksheet. She really does look like she's thinking that. Sierra~Beautifully Candid