Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekly Recap {10.30.17}

Happy Monday!! We're coming off a super fun weekend and I'm pretty much feeling back to normal so I'm one happy girl!

Let's take a look back at our week, it was a really good one!

Monday this pretty girl had picture day! I'm not sure about our decision to keep her down and not pull a little of it back, so we'll see how they turn out!

She wanted a pic with Max :)

We had rain on Tuesday so that called for jumping in puddles!

Wednesday night we headed to a local ninja park to play and burn off of some steam 

Then we headed to a fun family night through our school district - it was an Escape Room - Math Edition and it was SO fun!! We finished with 8 minutes left and Brayden was very proud! The girls stayed with us for a little then wanted to go to childcare and we were happy to send them off :) 

Thursday Ella had her last gymnastics class of the session so the parents got to have some fun too - we played with the giant parachute and seeing the kids smiles/giggles was so cute!!!


Thursday night we headed to the library for a Halloween party. It was a lot of fun but for some reason when it was time to start trick or treating around, Ella got super nervous/tense and cried and wouldn't do it - it was very odd and has us wondering how tomorrow will go?!



Friday I got to run some errands with just one kiddo and she was so happy to be alone in that cart and have full control over both steering wheels :)

We made slime earlier in the week with Ella's friend and Miss A has been playing with it non stop!


Ella was having fun with my big girl camera and wanted me to take a picture of her taking a picture of me :)


I cleaned and after I vacuumed the girls made "carpet angels"

Friday night Brayden was at a friends house, Avery was hanging with Rick and Ella wanted to do this craft with me, so we did. She was so happy and proud when we were done! I love how into crafts she is!


Later that night, Ella watched a Hallmark movie with me while the others did I have no idea what, haha. I was really into the movie. It was called Falling for Vermont - if it gets replayed, watch it! So cute!!

Image result for falling for vermont

Saturday I ran some errands solo and then wee made some fun Halloween cookies to bring to a friends house. A few families were hanging out for the World Series and we had alot of fun! We got home late and it was straight to bed for everyone!

Sunday we took the kids to another fun park near us to burn off some energy - we finally had some decent weather (45 degrees) so we took advantage!

The kids were egging Rick on to go down this slide - he did not want to hahaha

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week, doing laundry, picking up, you know, the fun stuff :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Love the carpet angels and I want to slide that slide with them! Have a marvelous Monday!

  2. I LOVE the idea of an escape room math night. How fun?!?! The teacher side of me could not focus on anything other than that in this post! LOL! It does look lik ea super fun week. I love all the Halloween fun and pumpkins in this post!

  3. What a fun week! I love the idea of the escape room math edition. The kids look so cute in their costumes!! Beautifully Candid

  4. Such a busy and fun week!! I used to make carpet angels when I was a kid!! Haven't thought about that in years!! That Inspired Chick

  5. We still haven't made slime! It looks so fun! And the carpet angels are so cute, too! Our kids do that, too, and I have no idea where they even got the idea since we never even have snow!

  6. Whoa! Those two parks look awesome, I mean - a ninja park?! How cool! Loving the slime - we seriously need to make some over here. I also need to start watching those Hallmark movies! Oh and your kiddos are so cute in their costumes!

  7. I think that movie looks perfect for tomorrow afternoon while I work on some blogging things! I love that idea for a math escape room at school, so cool. PS so glad you are on the mend! xoxo ERIN