Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Disney World 2017 Recap - Day 6

Friday was 6th and final at Disney World. We started the day by getting to Magic Kingdom by around 7:15 (AM!) They changed the park opening hours from 8am to 7am so we figured we would get a jump start. The park was empty and we got our perfect castle picture!

We immediately split up and the boys went on Space Mountain and us girls went on Astro Orbitor. I was surprised that was Ella's favorite ride because it does spin pretty fast at some points, and you're super high in the air, but nonetheless, it was her fave!

Then we were off to the Tomorrowland Speedway - the kids all loved this "ride" and Ella is still a crazy driver, even 2 years later :)



We hung out in Fantasyland all morning and then we got to meet Gaston! Oh my gosh, he was HILARIOUS!!!!


Avery's face cracks me up and Ella did not want to get near him! LOL

From there we rode the 7DMT again (just me and Brayden and then Rick and Brayden since Ella absolutely refused to go on again LOL)


After a couple more rides, we headed to our Chef Mickey's reservation for brunch. We did this last time and it's always a good one to get if your kiddos want to meet Mickey & friends!




This was our day we were leaving - we had a 5:30pm flight so all our stuff was packed up and being held at the bell hop, but once we got done eating and realized we had a little over an hour until we had to leave for the airport so we made the crazy decision to go get our swimsuits out and go swimming - it was GORGEOUS the day we were leaving, go figure!!

So that's how we ended our magical-filled week! This was a trip for the books, that's for sure. So many wonderful memories were made and I can't wait to go back!

See you back here Friday for my favorites of the week!!

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  1. LOVE your matching tees. So sorry you had to leave on such a gorgeous day. Oh the sweet memories of a magical trip!

  2. Cutest fam ever - seriously! So happy y'all had fun!

  3. You are all just the CUTEST in your tees and all the pictures! What a fun-filled day and I am glad the weather was better. What a great time!

  4. I love the girls in the Gaston picture, so funny! 7 Dwarfs Mine Train is my new favorite, I've never been on such a smooth coaster! Can't wait to ride it again.

  5. I am SO glad you guys had an amazing vacation! I have so enjoyed all of your photos. Disney is amazing isn't it!!

  6. Who doesn't love Disney?? I haven't been in ages, but can't wait for Ella to be old enough to take her!

  7. I'm so sad that these recaps are over! They are always some of my favorites. and I can't believe you crazies went swimming right before your flight. Haha. I would have been like noooo way!

  8. What an amazing final day. Magical Kingdom is definitely the best park to end with.

  9. What a great last day! I love all of your shirts and you definitely got a perfect castle pic. I feel like that always happens to us on vacations that the last day turns out to be one of the nicest weather wise. Beautifully Candid

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