Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Recap

So I love me award season, it all stems from my Mom, who is literally obsessed with Hollywood.  She started me at a very young age watching these award shows and I grew up the same, obsessed with Hollywood.  I would much rather watch E! news than the regular news and I know way too much about celebrities that it's almost embarrassing. 

I really only like to watch the red carpet and some of the show, rarely do I ever watch an entire award show, except maybe the Oscars.  I also only like award shows with actors, so I could care less about the Grammy's.

I thought it would be fun to do a little recap on my thoughts of best and worst dress and some of the winners


  • Margot Robbie - The Wolf of Wall Street (go see now if you have not!)- This woman is so gorgeous and I loved her dress, simple yet beautiful
Margot Robbie, Golden Globes

  • Olivia Wilde - OK, I wish I could look half this good when pregnant! She is absolutely stunning!
Olivia Wilde, Golden Globes

  • Amy Adams - I just love her so that's probably most of the reason I picked her, but I really like her dress and the neckline!

  • Reese Witherspoon - Again, very simple but she looked gorgeous! I'm loving her hair too


  • Drew Barrymore - I know she is preggers with her 2nd, but that doesn't mean she should put on a moo moo. I think she should have accented her bump like Olivia Wilde and it would have looked 100 x's better on her. This is just too busy
Drew Barrymore, Golden Globes 2014

  • Paula Patton - Why in the world would she think this looked good? This woman is GORGEOUS and she distracted that by having a bunch of material growing off her shoulder, bad move Paula.
Paula Patton, Golden Globes 2014

  • Caitlin Fitzgerald - I don't even know who this woman is, but this look is horrendous
Caitlin FitzGerald, Golden Globes

  • Lena Dunham - Again, don't know who she is, but that dress is awful.  She is busting out of the top and there is alot of dress - this does not flatter her body at all
Lena Dunham, Golden Globes

I'm not even going to do best/worst dressed for men because honestly they all mostly look the same, but I will highlight some of the hotties

Leonardo DiCaprio, Golden Globes 2014Bradley Cooper, Golden Globes

(I can't really comment on too many because well, I rarely get out to the movies, and if we watch them at home, I'm sleeping before the opening scene)

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street

--- I was very happy Leo won, but really, they put this movie in a caterogory of comedy or musical? Anyone who has seen it, I think would agree with me, that this is neither comedy nor a musical.  Very weird.  None the less, Leo did amazing in his role and he deserved the win.

Best Supporting Actor, Motion Picture: Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

--- I haven't seen this movie but I just want to comment that Jared Leto is still so hot and I was happy he won after being away from acting for 6 years.

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: American Hustle

---American Hustle won alot, and I think I need to see this movie ASAP.  I love all of the actors in it so I'm sure it would be good - has anyone see this yet??

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