Friday, January 24, 2014

Ella Grace - 16 Months

My baby girl, you are now 16 months old! I catch myself looking you at thinking how in a blink of an eye you as big as you are. I make sure to be in the moment with you and savor every minute, but yet, it still feels like time is speeding by and I have no idea where the time went.

The biggest milestone you have reached lately is walking!! Yes, you are walking everywhere now and I just love it! You look like a little drunk person when you walk, with both hands up in the air to help you balance and your little feet stomping all around.  It is the cutest thing ever. You started walking right after Christmas, 12/26 and haven’t stopped yet.  You love to just stand up and do laps around the kitchen and playroom.

You are still a Daddy’s girl and I love seeing you two engage with eachother.  He loves you so much and I see it in his eyes everytime he looks at you. 

You are still a happy little girl, but you are teething so there are lots of days where nothing really makes you happy, I hate those days and feel your pain! You are a late teether so you seem to get lots of teeth at one time, ouch!

Along with teething, you have been sick quite a bit over the past few months, we had your ER scare with croup and since then you have had croup a couple more times.  It is so scary every time you get that but in a weird way, Daddy and I are kind of getting use to it. We just spent the last week trading off turns taking you outside in the bitter cold (bundled up of course!) in the middle of the night - this helps the croup.  You are definitely teaching us how to live on little sleep :)

You are very into playing with toys now.  You and Brayden received a play kitchen for Christmas and your little cute butt is always over there whipping stuff up J I love seeing you stand at the kitchen on your tippy toes trying to get something.

You adore your brother and want to play with him so badly! Too bad most of the time he is too cool for you L  I know one day that will change, but it makes me a little sad to see him not play with you.  But then there are times when he will go up to you, give you a big hug and say “I love you sissy” and then my heart melts

You are very good in the eating dept, you eat pretty much everything and most times we have to stop you from overeating! I’m cherishing these moments because your brother was also a great eater at this age and now that is not the case at all.  You do make us nervous though because sometimes you’ll put food in your mouth and then lean your head all the way back and gag, I really wish you could tell me what the heck this is and why you do it!??! I am very much looking forward to that phase ending.

You don’t talk much at all, still babble, or Mama or Dada but not much more than that.  You have started to scream very loud and I wonder what exactly you’re trying to say?? I can’t imagine how cute your little voice is going to be when you do start talking!

Baby girl, Ella Bella, Peewee, you are such a blessing in our lives and I am so happy I get to be your Mama and watch you learn and grow.  I look forward to our mother/daughter relationship we will continue to make and hope you stay my little girl forever.

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