Monday, January 27, 2014

Disney on Ice!!!

This weekend we took our little guy to Disney on Ice.  I bought the tickets months in advance and we have been counting down the days to go.  Brayden was so excited since all of his faves would be there, and the hubs and I were just as excited since we had never been before.

We got there a tad too early since I assumed the start time was 11am, just like the circus.  I kept telling the hubs I was 100 % sure it was 11 and they were just starting late, he pulled out the tickets and just shook his head... now we have an agreement that he checks the times before we go anywhere. 

I just LOVE this little boy!!

We indulged in some serious snacks while there, that's always my favorite part :) Popcorn, ice cream, pizza, soft pretzels, skittles and milk duds, it was like going to the movies, but better.

I so enjoyed this, but what was even better was seeing the smile on my little guys face, it never came off! I can't wait to go back and bring Little Miss next time!

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