Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brayden's 1st Christmas Concert

A couple of weeks ago Brayden had his Preschool Christmas Concert.  I made sure to take the morning off of work the second I found out about this, which was when he started school.  I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to all of his school events, but his 1st field trip and the Christmas Concert were the top 2 I knew I had to be at!

Now we all know my little guy is somewhat shy… and that’s putting it lightly.  So I didn’t have very high expectations for this concert, I was just extremely excited to go see him.  I had known they were practicing songs for the concert at school because every night at dinner Brayden would start belting them out.  When I would hear that, I would think to myself, well maybe this kid will surprise me??

The morning of the concert, we got to the school and they had broken down the wall separating the 3 year old class and 4 year old class, the concert was combined.  There were tons of chairs set up and also tons of people!! At first we grabbed a front row spot, then the hubby thought maybe we should sit in back so we didn’t distract Brayden, so we moved, then when we were in back, we realized we couldn’t see anything so we moved back to the front. 

The kids were all going to be lined up in the front of the classroom, which was literally 5 steps from where we were sitting.  I was so nervous the second Brayden saw us he would leave his spot and run to us, but to my surprise he didn’t! When he came out, it just happened that he was pretty much right in front of us, he did come to hug me but then took his spot.  I should mention, right when we go to school for this, he started crying and was crying even more when the teachers took him “backstage” He must have been so nervous seeing all of those strangers in the audience!

So to see him take his place made me extremely proud.  First the teachers handed out jingle bells for the kids to shake while singing, all Brayden did was put the bells up to his face to hide, I could see him about to lose it at any moment and start crying, but he made it through the first song, although not a single word came out of his mouth.

The next songs went the same way, mostly with my little guy covering his face with his hands while mildly hyperventilating and almost losing it, but in the end, he didn’t break down and he stayed with his class the entire show.   There were a few other kids that were just as nervous as Brayden and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty hilarious watching them up there shaking and tearing up.  Even the teachers couldn’t handle it and started laughing so hard at one point.  It’s all in good fun J

No matter how much Brayden did not participate, I was just so proud of him for getting up there in front of all of those people and not running to us when he easily could have.  Heck, there was one boy who actually did run to his Mom and left the little concert.

Brayden's signature move - hands over his face

After the concert, there were cookies and refreshments and Brayden gave his teachers their gifts, I captured a special moment between Brayden and his favorite teacher, Mrs Senderack.  So so sweet!

I wonder how next year will go?!

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