Thursday, October 3, 2013

I-Phone Dump

It's been a while since I've "dumped" some I-Phone pics and since this week has been crazy I thought this was good idea to do for today's post

Anyone remember that game Mouse Trap?!? My Mom found it at Goodwill and gave it to Brayden and now he wants to play every night, not a big deal, but this game is kind of a pain to set up, but seeing how happy he gets when he traps his mouse makes it all worth it

We took the kids to the mall last week and now that Ella is on the move she was able to get out of her carseat and actually join in the fun!

The hubby and I and some friends went downtown last weekend and saw the comedian Bill Burr - this was our 2nd time seeing him but it has been probably 6 years since the first time, OMG he is so freaking hilarious! Watch some youtube skits of his, you'll die!

The hubs said his back was hurting from leaning down and helping Brayden on his trike so he attached an extension cord so he could just pull him.... we are totall hillbillies.

Out on a walk, this little girl is so happy!

Examining his food

Hanging out at home with my loves

Brother/Sister love = melts my heart!

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