Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Nice Relaxing Weekend

For the first time in a looooong time, we had a very low key weekend! We had nowhere to be, nothing to do, and it was much needed! Sometimes I need down time to recharge and feel good again and this past weekend did just that!  I also had Monday off which made the weekend that much sweeter!

We started our Friday by meeting up with Daddy for some frozen yogurt - (as Brayden calls it, frozen ice cream)

We went and saw my adorable nephew again, he just sleeps and sleeps, it's a little weird because I can barely remember my kids being like that, although I know they were.

Later on Saturday I took Brayden to the mall with me so I could look for a new purse, when we were parking I realized I forgot a stroller = mom fail! I had to bribe him to be good all through Macy's.  After that we went to Old Navy to get some new clothes since they were having a huge sale. All Brayden kept saying is "let's go home Mom" LOL I guess the kid didn't catch the shopping bug from me :)  We went and picked up some Hooter's wings and headed home.  The hubby and I spent the night relaxing and watching a movie, it was so nice.

Sunday started off with a trip to Home Depot and then to Walmart - Brayden was demanding he wear his Halloween pj's out but the hubs insisted he at least changed his shirt... so this is how he went out.

Later we carved our pumpkins, made cupcakes, played football in the yard and watched football on TV. It was such a nice day spending time with eachother.

Little Miss has been in teething hell lately and she finally found some relief with legos - hey whatever works!

Why oh why can't every weekend be 3 days!? 

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