Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Weekend Recap 1.20.20

Happy Tuesday! We had an extra long weekend with MLK day yesterday so I'm here today to recap it all.

We picked the kids up from school early on Friday and headed a couple hours away to a cute town for a friends/ski weekend! the plan for Friday was go out to dinner and relax at the rental house but once we arrived in town the snow was coming down so hard. We decided instead of driving into town for our reservation we went to the clubhouse in the neighborhood for dinner - all together there were 17 of us and it was a little chaotic at times but fun too!

After dinner, we went back to the house and all hung out and we probably let the kids stay up way too late

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Saturday morning it was up early to get moving to the ski mountain. the kids had ski school and we had to get them all set up and dropped off around 8:30 - once that was done I went to get my rental equipment and headed off to a lesson. I've only been on skis twice and never had a formal lesson so I was glad to do one.

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After my lesson I met up with Rick and the rest of our friends and we skied for a while then went into the restaurant and grabbed a drink before we had to get the kids from their lesson.

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We all had lunch then we took the kids back out for a little, but the weather took a turn for the worse and a crazy wind storm came in so decided to call it for the day - we were all EXHAUSTED. I was incredibly proud of our kids for giving their all in their lesson - it was a long time to be away and learning something new but they did great!!!!

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We ordered in some dinner later on and played some games and got the kids to bed at a decent hour without any pushback on their end (they were all so tired!) the adults stayed up a while playing this fun game then we needed sleep.

Sunday was a nice big breakfast then cleaned up and headed home. We relaxed the rest of the day which was so nice.

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Yesterday since the kids were off and we had snow, a bunch of us went sledding. the kids lasted over 2 hours and would have kept going! we took them to lunch then home for more play in the snow!

Phew, looking forward to a scheduled rest of the week!


  1. I love holiday weekends! Sounds like you guys had an epic weekend!! The snow pictures are just gorgeous.

  2. What a great time. I love skiing (and snowboarding), but I haven't been all year. Love that you took lessons again and got out there!!!

  3. You are a brave soul for taking all of those babies skiing. I get anxiety even thinking about it. Haha. Probably because I've never been super great at it myself!

  4. How fun!!! Love that you did this with your friends and kids!

  5. Love all the snow. I want some.