Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Favorites - 1.10.20

Happy Friday! Are Friday Favorites still a thing in blogland? It's been a while but I'm back with my favorites for the week! Today I'm sharing 5 shows I am LOVING

{ONE} You

I think everyone is as obsessed with this show as me - it is SO GOOD! I binged the entire 2nd season in 2 days over winter break. I think I probably negated too many of my Mom/Wife duties during that time, but I didn't care, it was that good.

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{TWO} Don't F**K with Cats

OMG....after I finished You, I heard I should check this out on Netflix. So messed up! At first, I wasn't so sure, but as soon as the first episode ended, I was in.
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{THREE} Single Parents

This has been a favorite of mine since it debuted. The cast is so funny and I am just waiting for Will & Angie to get together!!

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{FOUR} Last Man Standing

I was so sad when this show ended but then so happy when Fox picked it back up!!! So so funny!!!

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{FIVE} Mom

This is another I have watched from the beginning. It's changed a little over time, but my gosh is it funny!! At the same time, it's really heartfelt most of the time too

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What show are you loving?? Watch any of these??

Hope everyone has a great Friday - I'm off to volunteer at the kids' school followed by a pizza/game night with the fam!


  1. I was so happy when You was released over the break. Eric and I binge watched it too but at night after the kids went to bed lol. I'm nervous to watch that Cats show but I have heard so many people talking about it. I haven't checked out Mom but I should. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Okay, I NEED to start watching You but I'm soooo scared. I don't like disturbing stuff so I'm not sure I'd handle it well, but everyone has raved so much about it I feel like I need to see it. Plus, it's Dan! I mean, how could I not watch?!