Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Favorites {1.17.20}

Another week has flown by! Seriously, where are these weeks going!? anyway, we are leaving early today for a ski weekend with some friends and I can't wait! It's even suppose to snow so that will make it that much better! I've only been on skis twice, and the kids once, but we're all taking lessons (except Rick, he's good at everything)

I rounded up my favorites of the week:


I ordered this coat since it's a knock off version of the more expensive Amazon one (how funny there are knock offs of Amazon) - anyway, it's SO GOOD! and perfect for Chicago weather which is just now starting to drop and be FREEZING! It comes in other colors too but I'm happy with the grey!

Halifax Oversized Hooded Fleece-Lined Puffer Coat


I bought these knot headbands this week and love them!! such an easy way to make any outfit a little extra! I also found this bin that holds them perfectly!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, stripes and shoes


I'm really trying to eat better and also low-ish carbs - I can't commit to something completely like Keto or crazy low carb, but I do know if I cut carbs, I will lose weight. It's the only thing that has ever worked for me. I just need to drop 5 holiday pounds and if I can do that, it will be a miracle because I love food and wine so much. Anyway, I made this recipe recently and it was a huge hit! The hubs ate it on a bun but I just loaded mine with cheese, jalapenos, ketchup & mustard and paired it with zoodles from Trader Joes - soooo yummy!!


I mentioned we are going skiing this weekend and last time we went, none of has goggles so I decided to order some for this trip - I was so happy to see this 3pk for a great price! perfect for the kiddos then I ordered Rick & myself some cheap ones too 

Ski Goggles, Yidomto Pack of 3 Snowboard Goggles for Kids,Boys,Girls,Youth, Mens,Womens,with UV Protection,Windproof,Anti Glare(Black/White/Blue)


I recapped our NYE earlier this week, if you missed it, you can read about it here

I'm off to get last minute things together for our little getaway - here's to hoping I don't break anything while skiing - not sure learning to ski at my age is the best idea - maybe I'll just hang out in the chalet drinking wine and people watch😂😂


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