Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What's Up Wednesday {8.29.18}

Oh look, I finally got my act together so I could do a What's Up Wednesday post šŸ˜œ I'm hoping this continual blogging becomes more of a thing now that 2 kids are in school!

Today I'm linking up with Shay to talk all about our month!



What we're eating this week:

Some easy stuff since our nights are back to being jam packed! Pasta/meatballs, tacos, and a favorite dish we haven't made in a while, cheeseburger gnocchi!

Oh my gosh you HAVE to try this Cheeseburger Gnocchi recipe!! Pillowy soft potato dumplings (gnocchi) are toasted for a crunchy skin, but impossibly fluffy middle. Then they're simmered with seasoned beef and cheese for a 15-minute, one pot meal that everyone will FLIP over!!! So good!! :)

What I'm reminiscing about:

What am I always reminiscing  about, my kids being smaller! I swear, I'm blinking and time is flying. I'm thinking back to when Brayden started Kindergarten and how nervous I was and how little he was, how Ella was just 2 I swear, and Avery, wasn't I just nursing her to sleep?

What I'm loving:

My new Facebook group!! I'm still rocking We Heart Deals (I would love for you to join!) and now I'm also doing Frugal Fashionistas which is all about looking cute without spending a ton of money!

What we've been up to:

This month has been jam packed with so much fun! We had our annual vacation with Ricks family, crammed in the last bits of summer and Brayden & Ella started school!

Image may contain: Lizzie Simantz, smiling, standing, child, tree, grass, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, tree, grass, outdoor and nature

What I'm dreading:

Nothing at the moment - that's a good thing, right?!

What I'm working on:

Oh I have so much I want to get done once Avery starts preschool - organize our life is the top priority!

What I'm excited about:

This weekend is our towns fest and it's always a good time! Rides, games, the craft fair and the parade!

What I'm watching/reading:

Recently I finished Girl, Was Your Face and I know there's controversy over it but I personally loved it! I found it very relatable

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis (Hardcover) - image 1 of 1

Rick and I are watching Very Cavallari and loving it, especially when Jay Cutler makes an appearance!

Image result for very cavallari

What I'm listening to:

We are jamming out to Taylor Swift these days since Ella & I are going to her concert next month!

Image result for taylor swift tour

What I'm wearing:

If you're in my group you have been seeing my outfits - I've been on a total Old Navy kick

This tunic I ended up buying in a few colors because I will totally wear them all the time once the weather drops!

Image may contain: one or more people and stripes

I scored this tee for $5 the other week and I'm loving it! (it's still on sale too!)

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and indoor

What I'm doing this weekend:

As I mentioned, it's our towns annual fest so we'll be there a couple of days, we also have my cousins baby's 1st birthday party so it will be a fun filled weekend!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

So much good stuff!! Ella's birthday, going to see Taylor Swift, Rick & I are going on an adult only weekend getaway with 2 of our couple friends, we have the Bears game too, it's going to be a really fun month!

What else is new:

Not much other than it's pretty quiet around here with both Brayden & Ella in school! I can tell Avery misses her sister because she's always known her to be around, she was use to Brayden being gone because that's all she remembers, but Ella, that's her sidekick.

Bonus: Favorite back to school tradition:

I always drive the kids on their first day and then have their favorite snack or treat ready for them after school


  1. Woohoo, it will be a fun month, T Swift...YAY!!! You look so cute in that great tunic!

  2. I love your facebook group. I totally bought a double hoodie yesterday! I got the kind with the quilted front, so I hope it fits me!

  3. Your town's fest sounds like a blast! And I am with you - Jay is by far my favorite person on Very Cavallari (other than Kristin). SO glad they are doing a season 2!

  4. Your town fest sounds like it will be a lot of fun! I'm not getting notifications from the groups for some reason so I'll have to go in and look at my settings. I've heard so many things about that book, I need to get my hands on it! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  5. I need to get Girl, Wash Your Face! I've heard nothing but good things! Also, that Old Navy tunic is PERFECTION. I might head to my store tomorrow to check it out!

  6. Meant to ask you, what size are you wearing? I usually wear a small but I'm wondering if the small will cover my whole butt?? It looks kind of short-ish.

  7. I didn't know there was controversy over Girl, Wash your Face? Please fill me in! I loved it! Our kids do grow up in a blink of an eye, this is Lucy's last year before she starts preschool....eek she was just born!

  8. I feel like our What's Up Wednesday posts are almost mirror images of each other! LOL! That tunic - oh my gosh - sooo cute. We did so much shopping at Old Navy for back to school, how on earth did I miss that amazing tunic? I've checked out Very Cavallari, too - I keep forgetting that I had started watching it and really liked it! Time to DVR that puppy.