Thursday, August 9, 2018

Avery Jane is FOUR!!

I'm fashionably late with this, but such is life when you're the 3rd kid šŸ˜‚

My dear sweet Avery, you are now FOUR years old!! Happy Birthday to you!! Just like the past couple of years, we celebrated your birthday on our annual family vacation! Pretty fun way to celebrate your birthday if you ask me :)

When I think that you are 4, that kind of blows my mind. My baby, my youngest child is now becoming a little girl right before my very eyes! All of the sudden you are talking like a mini-adult and you just seem way too grown up for my liking.

Even though you're growing up, I still know you're my baby girl, and the youngest child. Your daily tantrums can attest to this šŸ˜œ Girlfriend, you really know how WHINE! We are working on not letting every little thing get to you, baby steps :)

You absolutely play the little sister role to your advantage pretty much all the time. You know how to work your brother and sister and if they don't play in then you come to me or your Dad and somehow you get what you want (not every time, but probably more than you should) What can we say, you're the baby!

Even though you can drive your siblings crazy at times, you have such a unique and special bond with both. With Ella, she is like your little Mama, always looking out for you, trying to teach you new things and just love on you. With Brayden, you two love to play all day - I can find you two running through the house shooting each other with nerf and having a blast, but then there are those times I will randomly find you in his room or him in yours and he is reading you a book. And even though you and Brayden can butt heads, he always has your back too, especially out in public, he is always looking after you (and Ella)

You are so close to writing your name really well. I would say out of everyone, you like learning and practicing things the least hehe. You just want to have fun all the time, and while I love that about you, I do try and work with you things. I am really thinking this year at preschool you are going to flourish.

Your favorite shows are anything your brother is watching, or anything on Disney JR. You LOVE Disney princesses and are super girly yourself. You always want  your nails painted, or to put yummy spray in your hair (as you say it) - you will brush your hair in front of my mirror for what seems like hours. You would pick a dress over anything else anyday. I love this about you so much and it's so fun to watch you become who you are!

Your favorite foods are mac n cheese and pizza for sure. You still aren't the best veggie eater but you are great about drinking smoothies filled with spinach, broccoli and carrots! (and other stuff too) You don't nap anymore and haven't for a while so *usually* bedtime is pretty easy because you are flat out exhausted from the day.

You are such a snuggle bear!! Especially when you're tired. I had the best time sleeping with you every night on vacation!

Avery, we seriously cannot and will not imagine life without you, you bring so much joy to our family and always keep things exciting! We love you so much, and can't wait to see how grow this year!


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  1. Happy fourth birthday Avery Jane!!! I just adore her name. And I love the bond she has with both of her siblings. The best of both worlds!! Wait, why is there five candles on her cake?!

  2. Haha. #ThirdChildProbs Happy birthday to your sweet girl!