Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Favorites {8.31.18}

Happy Friday Friends! Phew, we are week 2 and 1 with the bigs and getting back into a schedule has been good but also a little rough - I was totally enjoying those slow summer mornings! But back to a routine is just what I want/need right now.

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Ella had her first day of all day Kindergarten on Monday and my gosh was she excited!! I wanted to be sad letting her go but how could I when she was so darn happy!? I sent her off with a big hug and she didn't look back! She has been LOVING it all week!

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Everyone knows finding a deal is my jam so when I saw Natives were on sale at Nordstrom I jumped on it! I know there are plenty of other knock offs but I do love this brand and they hold up SO WELL!

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OMG I posted this in my FB group, but had to share here too!! I ordered this for Ella and it is the CUTEST!!!

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I saw this online and just thought it was so cute!! Growing up we always did the "see ya later alligator" "in a while crocodile!" I want to start saying some of these to my kids!


OMG did you see this?!!? Aldi is having advent wine & cheese calendars this year!! I remember seeing this last year but it was only in another country, I am so excited and will definitely be getting myself one of each!! #merrychristmastomama



I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!! We need our weather to turn around so we can enjoy our towns festivities!!

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  1. Whaat? Wine and Cheese advent calendars? So cool! YAY to K for Miss Ella!!! So cute! Happy weekend beautiful!

  2. I love advent calendars - these look so fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sometimes going with a quality brand makes such a difference even if you pay a little more. That mini jacket is adorable! Umm I need that wine and cheese advent calendar!! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. We love our Natives... I wish the kids could wear them to school, but they can't because - uniforms! :o(

  5. Those advent calendars are amazing, I will be checking for them at our Aldi!! And I have not tried the Natives for my little guy yet but everyone seems to love them! We will have to grab some and try for ourselves :)

    Have a great rest of your week!