Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I can't believe Mother's Day is in just 2 weeks!! We typically don't go crazy with gifts for it or Father's Day but there are some things I would love to have (as in any of the following, haha)

left to right - clockwise

ONE - A new Mama Bear tee - I love this line and already own quite a few tees/hoodies but I can always add to my collection!

TWO - The kids' birthstones on a bracelet  would be such a sweet gift!

THREE - Yes, I still live in the 90's and use CD's - so The Greatest Showman soundtrack would be so nice to have!

FOUR - New Essie polish is always wanted, especially some new fresh Spring/Summer colors!

FIVE - I've been wanting some new fun earrings and this color is so pretty! And they're a great price!!

SIX - Kind of random but I need/want a new garlic chopper and this one looks good!

SEVEN - You know I love my dark chocolate sea salt caramels!!

EIGHT - This mug belongs in my coffee cup stash!

As much as I would love any of these, my favorite Mother's Day gifts are the ones the kids make me. I cherish those so much!!

So what's on  your Mother's Day wishlist if you have one?

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  1. Looooove that mug, girl! I’m always down for a gift or two...or three! ;) Unfortunately, we’re not huge gifters over here either. I’d love to go out to brunch this year and not have to cook all day!

  2. I’m eating a sea salt caramel with my coffee now, lol. Great ideas girl!

  3. Yup, I'll take em all! Love that shirt and the color of it!

  4. I love that mama bear tee--so cute! These are great, simple and sweet gifts! I've seen some that have gifts for hundreds or even $1,000 and I'm like "what world are you living in?" haha

  5. My guide is scheduled for tomorrow! I love the shirt and the tassle earrings. I'm hoping for a new mug, too! ;)

  6. We don't go all out either but it's nice to get a little something. I love the color of that mama bear tee! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  7. I would love nail polish and I just bought the Greatest Showman digital download this week! SO good!

  8. I have my eye on those earrings as well. Love the birthstone bracelets.

  9. I just got the Greatest Showman soundtrack last weekend and it's soooo good. As you already know, since you've seen the movie a ton!! You should get it!