Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Beach Bag Essentials

Happy Wednesday!!  The weather is warming up and pretty soon it will be swimming time! Today I'm talking all about the beach/pool bag

Bag - well yeah, you first need a good bag! I like ones that are mesh with lots of pockets!

Sunscreen - I always keep one in my beach/pool bag and one at home. Blue Lizard is what I've been using for the kids but I really don't have a favorite for myself, any suggestions??

Brush - I always have a wet brush handy in my beach/pool bag! The best for detangling hair!

Towels - yep, these are obviously needed!!

Hair Ties - you can never be without hair ties!

Water bottle - I always try and drink lots of water, and being at the pool or beach is when you really need to hydrate! And how awesome is this Contigo Auto Chill?! Keeps your drink cold up to 28 hours!!

Sunglasses - it's always good to keep an extra pair in the bag, just in case!

So what's in your beach bag??

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  1. Oh yeah, gimme the Beach..I'm so ready!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. The wet brush is a must! I can't wait for Summer!

  3. I once tried packing baby powder to help remove sand but it didn't work!

  4. Those hair ties are a must! And I love the water bottles that keep things cold even when it's super hot out. I'm much more likely to drink more water when it's not scalding hot from the sun haha

  5. Eeek! The title alone has me all sorts of pumped for time by the water! Love this!

  6. Amen to a Wet Brush! I have no clue what I ever did without mine. We went from having zero in our house to six in just a matter of months. Lol.

  7. Definitely need one with pockets - I spend so long rifling through those beach bags - usually finding keys, money and small things inside the towel and everything covered in Sand. So definite essentials are the pocket bag, plastic bags for wet swimming costumes and a book, a water spray, wipes for sandy feet, lip balm... I probably need a suitcase for the beach!

  8. we love those wet brushes. We use them all the time around here after baths!

  9. Hair ties are a must for me too. I have so many stuffed in my beach bag. Sierra~Beautifully Candid