Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Break/Easter 2018

Phew, what a week it's been!! In some ways it seems much longer than a week has gone by and others it seems like I blinked and it's back to reality. Either way, Spring Break and Easter are over and we made so many memories!!

Let's take a look back:

Monday started with a playdate with friends! We went to the local trampoline park and the kids had a BLAST! Avery even tried the rock climbing wall - that girl is fearless!


Tuesday we were suppose to go to the movies with friends but they had to cancel due to sickness, but we still went - we saw Peter Rabbit and the kids loved it. Although, during the movie Brayden spiked a fever and told me his head was hurting and I immediately thought the flu was back (those were his exact same symptoms before) so I got him in to the dr that day, thankfully flu was negative but he definitely had some kind of bug and just relaxed the rest of the day

Wednesday Brayden was feeling so much better so we picked up 2 of the kids' friends (they are brother and sister) and we went park hopping! The weather was gorgeous this day!

Me driving all 5 kids around!

After we hopped to 3 parks, it was lunch time!

The next day we headed down to Chicago for our little stay-cation! The kids were immediately thrilled with the hotel and the girls couldn't get enough of the phone - they called their grandparents right away :)

We swam and then got ready to head to Navy Pier - we ate dinner at Margaritaville and while the food was awesome, the service was TERRIBLE! I'm talking it took 30 minutes from the time we sat down to get our drinks! Just drinks! So yeah, that kind of stunk. After dinner, we went to the children's museum and it was CRAZY there! We only stayed about an hour then met up with our friends to get some ice cream and ride the ferris wheel!


I should mention, Brayden ended up having a fever every night after that original day and it didn't break until Saturday! Poor guy made it through with ibuprofen but I knew he was struggling at times


I still cannot believe I went on the ferris wheel! I was totally intimidate but I also knew I couldn't miss out on it - it was scary but so fun!

Look how big it is!! 196 feet!!

Related image

After we all survived the wheel, our friends headed home to the burbs and we went back to our hotel. We all passed out fairly quickly.

The next morning the kids wanted to sleep! They would not get up, I think Avery slept until almost 9!! We got ready and ate breakfast at the awesome buffet at our hotel then met our same friends at Maggie Daley park.

I was so glad we had decent weather this day because the day before was COLD. The kids had a blast playing and after the park, we headed to the Bean

 Image may contain: shoes, tree, grass, sky, outdoor and nature

The kids wanted to dab, so we dabbed!

After the Bean, we checked out the Nutella cafe - we tried some stuff which was delicious and then headed to Dylans Candy Bar! Wow was the place AWESOME!!!

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After Dylans, our friends headed home and we walked back to our hotel. We relaxed for a little then found a little hole in the wall place and got a pizza. It was super small so we took it back to the hotel and ate - we were having so much fun being with eachother and everyone was getting along, it was a nice moment for sure.

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After we ate, we relaxed a little more and I even took a little nap. The bed was sooooo comfy at the hotel. Then we went swimming for a while before getting ready and heading out to dinner.

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Dinner was delish and then we headed back for some ice cream and hit the hay, it was a long, fun day and we were all exhausted!

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We woke up Saturday (again, kids slept super late and Avery did not want to get up) ate a yummy breakfast then headed home. It was a full day of laundry and cleaning then dying Easter eggs at night!



My Mom gave the kids their baskets and they loved everything!

Sunday morning the kids got up and went through their baskets and hunted some eggs around the house before we headed to my in laws. It was a fun filled family day!



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  1. What a fun filled weekend!! Love the easter egg hunt photos! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Looks like an awesome fun week!!! Happy Easter!!

  3. It looks like you had a fun time in Chicago, besides Brayden being sick! When we were last there, the nutella cafe had such a long line outside!

  4. What a fun trip to Chicago! What a great Spring Break!

  5. I wondered how your trip into the city went. We ended up postponing until May. I did not know about the Nutella Cafe, how fun. Brayden...what a trooper, so sorry bout his fever. A great SB In the books! xo

  6. What a gr at staycation. Sorry to hear about Brayden’s fever. But glad it didn’t break his spirit.

  7. what a fun staycation - I love family time and this looked perfect. So glad you had decent weather, its been so iffy lately :) Looks like you had a great spring break but bummer on the fever :(! xoxo ERIN

  8. I love this so much!!! What a fun weekend and so many great memories. Sorry to hear Brayden wasn't feeling well and hopefully he is back to himself now. Those pictures at the bean are so fun and now you have me wanting that delicious Chicago pizza!!! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  9. How funny about the hotel phone!!! And, I am with you - ferris wheels freak me out a little bit!

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