Thursday, April 19, 2018

Girl Chat {April 2018}

Happy Thursday! Welcome to Girl Chat! This month is all about our guilty pleasures! This is going to be so fun to read through everyone's posts!


Flaming Hot Cheetos

Image result for flaming hot cheetos

Yep, I'm still eating these and loving them! Me and the hubs like to treat ourselves to them every so often, but only on the weekend. I have to have him take the bag away or I will eat them all

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Image result for dark chocolate sea salt caramels costco

you guys, I am obsessed with these. I was so giddy last week when I saw them on sale at Costco! They rarely go on sale! I try to only eat 1 a day but there are plenty of times where way more than that make their way to mouth


Teen Mom (all of them)

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Yes, I still watch the Teen Moms. I feel connected to the first cast because I was pregnant with Brayden while watching it and now they are mostly all grown up and more mature so it's enjoyable to watch. However, I did tell my 33 year old self that I would NOT be watching the new young & pregnant show and yep here I am, watching it

Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Image result for jersey shore family reunion

I was so excited for this to start the other week! It did not disappoint either! I love Pauly D, he is just hilarious and JWow is my fave. Snookie & Dena are just whatever but collectively I like the whole cast and it's going to be a fun hot mess to watch

E! News

I have been watching E! News ever since I can remember - my mom got me hooked when I was in HS. It has changed alot over the years and I don't like it as much as I use to but I do catch it once in a while still.

Image result for e news


Gossip mags

I use to be really big on reading tons of gossip magazines as well as Cosmo. I only pick one up every so often and it's definitely a guilty pleasure of mine when I do.

Image result for cosmo magazine                Image result for us weekly

I'm sure there's more I'm missing but these are the main guilty pleasures that popped into my head. I use to have a lot more but now that I'm raising 3 small kids, there's not as much time as there use to be for guilty pleasures!

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  1. I do Jersey Shore and Teen Mom too!!! I feel a bit relieved knowing someone else watches them too! I'll have to check out those chocolates at Costco when I go next. They look amazing!

    - Shannon

  2. Love this! The caramels I got from TJ’s are gone so I need to get some of the ones you like. And girl, yes, I think I have eaten half of the box of pinks and whites! Love reading magazines!

  3. Those caramels!! And gossip mags def a good one.

  4. I still watch Teen Mom much to my husbands dismay. Ha. I’m all about the flaming hot Cheetos!

  5. Good old Jersey Shore! Reading gossip magazines is one of my favorite things to do when traveling. Those chocolates look so tasty! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  6. OK, so many people have talked about these Flaming Hot Cheetos! I need to try them apparently. I love regular Cheetos so I don't see how they could possibly be bad!

  7. My husband loves spicy cheetos - my wimpy taste buds just can't handle them!

  8. Teen Mom is totally a guilty pleasure of mine. One I wish I could quit, but never do haha. So glad that Farrah is gone. Bye Felicia!!

  9. Jalapeno Cheetos are my downfall - LOVE THEM! Pretty much and Jalapeno chip, haha. And I am with you on both Teen Mom and Jersey Shore!

  10. Dark chocolate sea salt is AMAZING! Seriously so good and now I'm wondering how I forgot to include that on my list..but omg!!

  11. Ohhhh - Sea salt caramel chocolates. Yes, yes, yes! I don't know how you only eat one a day. I don't think I would have the strength to not eat the entire thing! I love me some Teen Mom, as well. I'm right there with you with E News. The real news is soooo depressing!!!