Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Favorites {4.13.18}

Happy Friday the 13th!! Let's hope it doesn't bring any bad luck or scary happenings to us, mmmmkkay?!

I had my weeks all messed up this week! I thought Thursday (yesterday) was our Girl Chat link up but realized Wednesday that was wrong so I had no posts this week other than my weekly recap on Monday. #whoops

Anyway, it's been a real good week around here and we were even blessed with a 70 degree day yesterday! Nevermind the weather calls for snow and 30's on Sunday

Image result for weather in chicago funny pictures

Let's take a look at some favorites of the week!


Earlier this week Brayden participated in a first round Battle of the Books competition and his team won!!! We were beyond proud of our little guy and can't wait for the next round of competition!!

Image may contain: 5 people, including Rick Simantz and Lizzie Simantz, people smiling, people standing
little sister wasn't happy the night wasn't about her šŸ˜œ


If you are looking for some cute bows for your little ones, check this shop out! OMG so so cute!!


My girl Danielle shared a super easy way to use cool whip to dye Easter eggs. We are totally trying this next year!! You can read about it here 

Dyeing eggs using Cool Whip Method


Old Navy has been killing it with their stuff lately, Target too!! Here's some favorites of mine! These linen pants and tank on the way to me and I can't wait to get them!

product photo product photo

I fell in love with this popover too!!

I really need to stop shopping!!


I have learned to love spaghetti squash and doesn't this recipe look delish?!?! I plan on making it soon so I'll you know how it is!

Easy Side Dish: Bacon-Parmesan Spaghetti Squash Recipe

I'm off to enjoy our Friday! Ella doesn't have school so hopefully we'll have a little fun mixed with some housework I've been putting off - enjoy your weekend!

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  1. LOL I feel like we are having similar weather in Philadelphia. It snowed on Monday, today it's supposed to be 80, and back down into the 40s by Monday. I have no idea what "season" we are in!

  2. The weather in the midwest this spring is INSANE! Not great for baseball season for sure! I might freeze Monday night ;)! I am headed to ON next week, can't wait to see what I find. Target has had so many great things!

  3. I also commented about the crazy weather! lol:) I carry a jacket everywhere! soon, im sure I will be complaining about how hot it is.

  4. That graphic is also true of weather in Boston lol!! Hope you have the best weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Battle of the books sounds fun! Oh I haven't seen those linen pants but I was thinking about getting a pair for our Italy trip. This weather, I just can't! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  6. I don't like spaghetti squash but I wish I did! We are having crazy weather here too. Dave is flying home through Chicago on Sunday and he may get stranded! I just ordered some new things from Old Navy too, yay!

  7. I feel like the weather everywhere is all over the place! Hoping the warmth sticks around for a little before going blazing hot. Old Navy has some great items lately! And dang you for posting those bows/headbands--sooooo cute!!

  8. Thank you for the shout out. Those eggs came out soooo well. I almost had my post for Girl Chat this week too. But I’m all set for next week. Those are the cutest bow. I wish my girls wore headbands more. Love that top. So cute. Have a great weekend!

  9. I put a similar graphic at the beginning of my post today about Texas weather. This week was crazy - cold and hot within a day. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Lol at the weather meme! I think that is the entire USA right now. Our weather is completely on crack. I think we're finally reaching the point at which it's going to regulate soon here. And all the yes to Old Navy and their stuff! Gracious I want to buy the whole store right now!

  11. Sooo cute in the popover and gimmie that spaghetti squash. YUM! Yeah, 75 here today, 33 and snow Monday! Crazy. Hope you have a great weekend!