Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Favorites {4.6.18}

The first week back into our normal routine and I'm exhausted, ha! This is going to be short and sweet šŸ˜œ

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So this isn't really a favorite - Ella dropped my in laws heavy bar stool on her toes on Easter and we thought it would be ok but brought her in to the dr Monday anyway to check. They sent us for an x-ray and confirmed there was a tiny fracture in her big toe. We needed to get her a boot to keep it in place so we got that yesterday and I couldn't help but think she was the cutest little boot wearing girl I've ever seen!!!


I am having so much fun with my new FB group!! If you haven't joined already, you can here! And add any friends that would enjoy it, I would so appreciate that!! 


The weather has been CRAZY around here lately and the memes are just so good

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So I'm sharing this now in hopes it will soon become a favorite - I just ordered a bunch of skincare by No7 -has anyone used this? I hear AMAZING things and the price points are really good, plus Ulta has BOGO 40% so it was a no brainer to jump on it and give it a try! You can see all the products here but I went with the protect & perfect line - I hope I can share this again in a few weeks with some actual awesome results!

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I think we have finally found our vacation spot for later this year! We are taking a family trip to celebrate our 10yr anniversary and I'm pretty sure it will be Anna Maria Island. My BIL & SIL just got back and it sounds amazing! I've been looking it up non stop and I just love the idea of a laid back little island with great beaches, great food and *hopefully* good weather! We're looking at staying at the Mainsail Beach Inn and even though it's a little more than I want to spend, it looks perfect for us. A little bit of everything. Oh, and another cool fact is you can rent golf carts and cruise the town that way, sounds so fun!!

Can I just be here now?! 

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I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm having a girls night tonight so that should be fun, followed by dance class, baseball practice, birthday parties and possibly Brayden's first game if the weather want's to be above 40 degrees Sunday :)

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  1. Wow Anna Maria Island looks like such a peaceful and relaxing getaway! I could go there today no questions asked!

    - Shannon

  2. LOVE AM Island and that funny robin meme. Ella is the cutest boot wearing girl I ever did see. That is the exact BOOTS#7 Line I use and I love it, especially the eye cream. Have a super sweet weekend!

  3. My in-laws live inland from Anna Maria Island and it's my absolute favorite beach! We love the northern tip called Bean Beach it's more secluded and quiet! You can ride bikes, get ice cream and it's just so quaint. We love it! I love no7 beauty products. I have used them for a while! xoxo ERIN

  4. She is rocking that boot like a champ! I'm sorry to hear about her toe and hope she's not in too much pain. This weather is nuts! It's snowing here again today. But can we talk about Anna Maria Island?! Umm, that looks amazing!! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  5. Oh looks soooo pretty. I think that is a great option for your 10 year anniversary. Totally rocking that boot. Glad it wasn’t more serious!!! Have a great weekend.

  6. Anna Maria island looks awesome!!! If you go, take lots and lots of photos! Golf cart commuting sounds amazing too!
    Now you have me looking into that No7 line...dang you and your deals and steals! haha

  7. Bless little Ella's heart! That boot is as big as she is! I hope she heals quickly! Sending lots of warm weather vibes your way!

  8. I hope Ella doesn't have to wear the boot long! I wish it was warmer over here too. Love your facebook group for the cheaper fashion!

  9. Oh my goodness, her poor little toe! I hope it's feeling better. And I hear you on adjusting to reality. It took me all week, too! XOXO