Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday {3.28.18}

Here we are, the last Wednesday of the month! I feel like March didn't even happen - literally I blinked and we are at the end of it!

Anyway, the last Wednesday of the month means it's time for What's Up Wednesday and I'm linking up with Shay, Mel & Sheaffer!

What we're eating this week:

I actually whipped up a new recipe that was so yummy! It was similar to this recipe, but I swapped the re fried beans for black beans because that's what we had, and it made it a little healthier!

Homemade Chicken Tostadas With Cheese, Lettuce, and Guacamole

Other than that, there will be a lot of eating out this week because it's Spring Break and we're going on a little staycation! I see pizza, burgers, italian, you name it, in our future :)

What I'm reminiscing about:

I keep seeing people's trips to Disney World and it has our last trip on my mind! It was so fun and I just really want to get back there, like now.

What I'm loving:

My new group I started on FB! It's all about sharing outfit inspiration & cute clothes that won't break the bank! Don't get me wrong, I love following those big bloggers who post super cute stuff, but 90% of the time I can't buy what they're sharing. That's kind of what inspired me to start this group! I would love for you to join if you want - you can here - oh and there's a super fun giveaway ending tonight!!

What we've been up to:

Lots of family time which has been great because we are about to get so busy with baseball season starting!!


What I'm dreading:

Well really nothing, except maybe my kids' dental appts. I really hope no one has cavities!!

What I'm working on:

As I mentioned above, my new FB group and of course my other FB group (which is about sharing aaaaaaaaaaaaaalll the deals!!) Other than that, I'm trying to figure out a place for our 10yr anniversary vacation we are taking later this year. It's going to be a family trip and now I am thinking about Sanibel, FL - anyone ever been??

What I'm excited about:

Our little stay-cation in the city!! Chicago is so beautiful and has so much to offer! It's so close and I'm embarrassed we don't go down there more. We are going to play tourists for a few days and I cannot wait!

Image result for downtown chicago

What I'm watching/reading:

We are watching the new shows on ABC

Roseanne because I totally grew up watching that and I just feel like I have to watch

Related image


Splitting up Together

Image result for splitting up together

Anyone watch those last night?

What I'm listening to:

Right now? Silence...ahhhhhhhh. But if I'm in the car, we have a princess CD we rented from the library and it's on repeat - not gonna lie, I kind of love it :)

What I'm wearing:

Lots of MMM double hoods because I love to be cozy. Also my duck boots because there's been some rain. Other than that just my new favorite tees from Target (that I got for $5!!)

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, phone, shoes, selfie and indoor

What I'm doing this weekend:

We are dying Easter eggs Saturday night and Sunday is Easter!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Brayden is making his Communion and both girls have their dance recital! Oh, and baseball games start for one of Brayden's leagues he's on (he's on 2) so it will be a fun filled month!

What else is new:

I mentioned about a giveaway in my new group - it's for one of the famous MMM double hoods and I'm so excited to gift this to someone! You should totally enter to win here!

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Bonus Question - What's your favorite Easter tradition:

I love dying the eggs with the kids! It's so much fun (and really messy) but I love seeing how excited they get!

Phew that was alot! I'm off to enjoy the beautiful day we are going to have today - it's suppose to  hit 60!!

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  1. We are headed to Chicago Saturday, wish we had more time but our youngest sons baseball schedule is crazy. Love those hoodies, there is one I want so bad, just not sure on sizing. Yes, enjoy a glorious day!!!! Yay for sunshine!

  2. I'm so bummed I missed Roseanne! hopefully they replay it!

  3. We love coloring eggs and a good egg hunt. My kids want to go to Chicago so its on our short list of places to visit in the next year and bonus we can drive!!! xoxo ERIN

  4. I don't feel like March happened, either! It went by so quickly!
    I hope you have a great staycation in Chicago. I've never been there!
    We missed Roseanne because Dylan wanted to watch A Dog's Purpose. Yeah...saddest movie EVER. We'll be catching up on Roseanne. I didn't love it when I was younger, but my husband did!

  5. I didn't watch those shows, but have them both recorded to do so later! And you know how much I love Chicago - so fun you guys are playing tourists!

  6. You need to try Stella's Diner on the north side - you will not be disappointed.

  7. How was splitting up together? I DVRd it but haven;t watch yet, it looks good. Those sweatshirts look amazing. I want to go to Disney now that I have seen everyone photos.

  8. Loved Roseanne but it was one of my favorite shows!!! You look so cute in your leggings and hoodie!! Enjoy your spring break :)

  9. I watched the second half of Roseanne last night! I've got to go back and watch the first half today. And I meant to watch Splitting Up Together but totally forgot about it! I need to go back and watch that one too. Those sweatshirts are adorable. I need one for cool spring nights at the ballpark! That Inspired Chick

  10. Your group is totally getting me in trouble with your rep's haha (in the best way possible). That recipe looks AMAZING--literally drooling right now!

  11. March has gone by way too quick. I love all of the family time you are getting in and that you are having a stay-cation in the city! We don't take advantage of things enough around us either. We are taking the boys into the city on Friday so that counts for something lol. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  12. Enjoy your staycation! Ours starts today!

  13. I want to be eating that recipe right now for lunch please! Yum!

  14. I watched Roseanne last night. I loved it. Totally loved it growing up too. I want to go to Disney with the girls but we are a few years out from that. I can’t wait to hear more about your staycation.

  15. I feel the same way about Disney...which you already knew! When do you guys plan on going again?! I don't know why I hadn't joined your Frugal Fashionista sooner. I totally agree with items being crazy expensive that I see other people blog and post about. I don't get how they have the money to buy all that stuff and if they're getting it sent to them for free how they have room for a different outfit every day....geez...or the time to try it all on. I barely have time to look for and/or buy new underwear!!! LOL!! Have fun in Chicago! We've been wanting to take the kids over there, too! I'll be paying close attention to your blog post staycation recap for fun stuff for kids to do in Chi-town!

  16. How the heck did y'all manage to get a picture in front of the castle without 18 million people around?! Lol. We got there right when the park first opened and were one of the first ones in the gate and we had people everywhere!

  17. Love your Disney shirts, where did you purchase them from?