Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites {3.16.18}

We made it, the weekend is here! I don't know why but this week draaaaaaagged. I am so ready to relax and have some family fun this weekend.

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Let's see my favorites for the week!

{ONE} - Facebook Group

I started a new FB group this week that's all about sharing cute clothes for great prices. No, I am not an expert in the subject but I am pretty good at shopping smart. The group is called Frugal Fashionistas and if you want to join you can here (I would love to have you!!)

{TWO} - Etsy shop

One of my favorite Etsy shops has tons of new stuff, all of which I want! You can see everything here

{THREE} - Kids Artwork

My favorite thing is to look at the adorable art my kids make! We display it all in the playroom and right now it's all St. Patrick's Day themed!

{FOUR} - Girl Chat (March)

Yesterday we talked all about Easter baskets in our Girl Chat linkup - if you missed it, you can read mine here. I loved getting more ideas from everyone, and one thing I decided we'll do this year is hide the kids baskets in the morning of Easter.

This Happy Life: Ella's Easter Basket

{FIVE} - Closet makeover

I mentioned earlier in the week that last weekend Rick put together our new master closet - and oh my gosh it is functioning so much better already! Now these are not Pinterest-worthy pics and neither is the closet itself, but our house is VERY old and there's a lot of duct work inside our closet because when we moved here there was no air conditioning (crazy, right?!) so there isn't a ton of room and we have yet to hide the ductwork, but nonetheless, I am thrilled with the newly organized space!!


Before this, my shoes were on the floor. You can only imagine how unorganized that was!! We added those shelves and raised up the right side on the top - it's a little mis-matched because we are sharing both sides but that's because I'm only 5'2" šŸ˜œ


And there you have it, lots of favorites this week! Now I'm off to enjoy the day with my kiddos. I better find some gold coins too because they are all adamant about catching a leprechaun this weekend!

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  1. I have the same art strings from Ikea. We haven't used them yet but will soon. I am so excited to decorate the playroom with C's artwork and this seems like such a neat and orderly way to do so.

  2. I would love to join your group! I'm always on the lookout for some good bargains. Have a great weekend!

  3. Have such a fun day! I hope you find some gold coins, too cute they want to catch a leprechaun! Love their festive artwork!

  4. Organization and closet make overs make my heart happy. I need to do some Spring cleaning myself. The other weekend I got some new hangers and that process helped start the purge, but I need to really get in there and organize!

  5. Yay for new closet organization! Such a game changer!

  6. Love the shoe rack. I am afraid if we did that my husband would realize how many shoes I have! No AC? I would have died, but I am in Texas so. Def checking out the facebook group. Have a good weekend.

  7. Woohooo for new closet organization! I love all the St. Patricks Day art...bad teacher confession...I haven't sent home my rainbows and pots of gold because it's too cute hanging in my classroom! Hahahaa!

  8. Your closet looks great! I'm hoping to get mine organized once I finish getting rid of all the stuff we don't need! I need to join your FB group!
    Carly at Always a Wildflower

  9. I love a good closet makeover!!! Not only does it make me feel better and cleaner, but it also reminds you of what clothes you have!! Have a great weekend!

  10. The kids are work so cute! I love how organized your closet is! I know all about those small closets and older homes. Ours still doesn't have central air :( Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  11. The closet is soooo pretty! I love your shoe racks!! I bet you're loving it!

  12. Hanging up your kids artwork in the playroom is a really great idea!

  13. Frugal Fashionistas sounds like a great idea! Just wish it included things I could buy here in the UK as always on the look out for style on a budget! 5ft 2 BTW is the BEST height! Although I got measured at the doctor's yesterday and I am officially 5ft 2.75 which I will include when people ask me my height haha! Lovely Easter baskets! Have a Great Week-end! Joanne (Europafox Blog) x

  14. That shoe rack is AMAZING! I need to really think through our closet shelving situation more this time around.

  15. Your closet looks great! I so need to do that ASAP (and donate clothes while I organize). Your post reminded me that I REALLY need to get new Easter baskets for my kids. I can never find exactly what I like, so I'm going to have to do some searching. Hope you have a great week!