Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekly Recap {3.12.18}

Happy Monday friends! Our week was kind of low key but still fun.

Monday is always running errands so that's what me and Miss A did while Ella was at school (and of course Brayden too)

Tuesday Ella had speech and in the afternoon I took the girls to the library for the fun STEM class they have. On the way there it was snowing these huge, giant snowflakes! I tried to get a picture but it doesn't even do justice. It was so pretty! It only lasted a few minutes though



Wednesday was pajama day in Ella's class! Here she is with her bestie. And she's wearing a star because she was the V.I.P. all week :)

Thursday night I went upstairs to go to bed and I see this as I passed Brayden's room - Ella camped out on his floor. The next day they said they wanted to have a sleepover - so cute!!

Friday was the last day Ella was the V.I.P. so me and Avery got to stay for a little in the beginning of class. We watched Ella lead her class with all of their daily routine - the weather, the calendar, the pledge, the songs, etc. It was SO fun seeing my girl be a leader!


We had to bring an item in the mystery bucket and give clues to the class. We wanted to stump them and we did - she brought her pressed penny book and she couldn't have been cuter giving out the clues!

Friday after Brayden got home we watched Wonder, OMG so good! If you haven't seen, watch it, especially if you have kids. Ella even enjoyed it even though I thought she might be too young.

At night we had pizza and hung out then when the kids went to bed we watched Home Again with Reese Witherspoon. It was a cute movie.

Saturday morning we had our usual dance classes for the girls then we met up with my sister and nephew at my brother in laws brewery's event - it was a big wheel race for adults only and omg was it hysterical! That is until one guy actually got really hurt and left on a stretcher. Either way, it wan event put on by my BIL's work



 When we got home Rick started working on our master closet - we took all the old shelving out and put in new stuff. He called it quits around 7 and we ate and just hung out. I think I passed out by 9 on the couch, ha.

Sunday it was back to the closet first thing and I was busy getting rid of tons of clothes/shoes I don't wear anymore. By noon the closet was done and everything put back in and it is so much better!! I'll share some pics later this week.

Then Rick got to work helping Brayden with his leprechaun trap for school. I helped him with the first half then Rick helped with the pully system to catch him with a cup. I think it turned out so cute!


Later in the day we went by my in laws and all the cousins got to hang out. When we got home Avery insisted on putting on her nightgown and wearing my high heels (I'm in trouble with this one!!)

And there you have it, a super low key week/weekend but still really fun and productive!!

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  1. Can't wait to see your closet. Sos sweet the kiddos waned a sleepover!! Have a great start to your week gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goodness! Their sleepover! How cute!

  3. We had those big fluffy flakes yesterday! And I cannot wait to see your closet!

  4. The sleepover is the cutest! Look at those big snowflakes. We had snow last weekend and this week it's supposed to be close to 70. Gotta love March! Also, I love the mystery bucket idea. What a great week and weekend!

  5. What a fun week - we have had some big snowflakes here too and they are so pretty and then melt quickly ;)! Love a good sibling sleepover, so sweet!

  6. Sometimes low key, productive weekends are the best!! Love your little VIP Ella :)

  7. The kids' sleepover was so sweet! So adorable that they decided to bunk up together. And EEK! I can't wait to see your closet! You know how much I love seeing a good organized, simplified space!

  8. My kids always say they want sleepovers until we go to hotels and they don't want to sleep anywhere near each other!

  9. I love weekends that aren't so hectic. Ella looks so cute being the leader for her class. I am on a kick with redoing our master closet and at this point it's getting a complete overhaul. I can't wait to hear how yours turns out! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  10. I wish they would institute a pajama day at work LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. So much fun! I've been loving those huge snowflakes! This weather has been crazy and as much as I'm ready for spring, those pretty snowflakes make me not mind the cold for the time being. How cute with Ella sleeping in Brayden's room. I love that you captured the moment! Brayden's leprechaun trap is awesome! We made our first ones last year and the kids are pumped to make some for this weekend. Guess I should gather some supplies! Can't wait to see your closet!!

  12. I'm so glad you had a good week! Those snow pictures are so pretty, and I love the sleepover that they sweet is that?!?

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