Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday! The week is once again flying! Today I get to volunteer in Miss A's class Thanksgiving party and I'm super excited!

I haven't written down some thoughts on Thursday in a while so here we go

*Why does it seem like things always happen at the same time? I just found out my car needs new struts (which are so dang expensive), our furnace just had some issues and I somehow didn't see the payment notice for our county's vehicle stickers and they sent me outrageous late fees, so yeah, when it rains, it pours I guess

*I'm actually happy Thanksgiving is earlier this year because that means I can get my Christmas decor up earlier! It's kind of hard to believe we will be going to chop our tree down next week! In a way, it doesn't seem right

*Speaking of Thanksgiving, I cannot wait for it! It's my favorite meals of the entire year!

*I'm trying really hard to finish Christmas shopping by the end of November, that way I can really enjoy December! My kids are mostly done so that's huge, but there are still lots of presents to buy.

*I want all the clothes and shoes lately, I don't know what my problem is! These moccs came in and I LOVE them, still obsessed with my new turtleneck and I'm eyeing this top in just about every color

*I think I have finally built up enough courage to cut my hair - like a real haircut of 4-5" off. I'm loving this look and it's also making me want to go really blonde!

Blonde lob haircut. Love her color!! And he length

Hope your Thursday is great! Here's to hoping most of Avery's class isn't sick and couching and sneezing on me all morning :)

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  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the entire year too and man, your hair would look awesome like that!!

  2. I love that hair style. Do it. Soooo pretty. I can't wait for thanksgiving either!