Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Of course I have re-cap this years Mother's Day as it was so special to me.  I seriously cannot even put into words how happy/grateful/thankful/blessed I am to be a Mother. It is by far my most favorite "job" I could ever imagine having.  I could have never dreamed just how awesome being a Mommy is until it happened to me.  Becoming a Mommy has made me a total mush-ball (clearly!) and I now say the cheesiest things thanks to my little babes, but I truly cannot help it!

Ok - now back to our weekend - we started off celebrating Mother's Day on Saturday by heading out to my sisters and BIL's house and spending the afternoon with them and my Mom.  It was a gorgeous day outside and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. My BIL is into meat smoking and he smoked cornish hens (so yum!!) and we picked up a Poritillo's chopped salad and my sis, well actually my mom, ended up making garlic mashed potatoes at my pregnancy craving request! :)

I love this picture of my hubby with my nephew, so cute!

Little Miss was having a ball with the bubbles, it was so cute the way she would just fling them around :)

Of course I couldn't get Brayden to smile, let alone even look at the camera!!

While trying to attempt a picture of the 3 of us, this is what my Mom captured, I love it

And this was the horrible attempt at a picture of Grandma with all her grandkids :)

I somehow managed to not get any pictures with my Mom or my sister, hate when that happens, but it was still such a nice day and I'll always remember it.

On Sunday morning, the hubby ran out and got me my favorite - Dunkin Donuts coffee and some donuts. Brayden was so cute about giving me my presents, he told me to close my eyes and then when I got downstairs and he said "open!" and then threw his arms out and said "tada!" He was so excited and so was I. The kids got me new planters and painted them and also put their handprints on them.  Brayden told me that one of his handprints kind of got messed up, but I told him that it was perfect.  The hubby got me some gorgeous flowers and a super nice card.  Soon after that it was time to head over to my in laws for brunch.

This is the only picture I got that morning

After brunch we headed home and the hubby finished my raised garden (more on that later!) he made me for Mother's Day and we filled it and planted - Brayden was my little helper and Ella was napping. 

He was such a good little helper :)

 The rest of the day we spent outside just hanging out - we planted a few flowers then Brayden washed all of his toys that were thrown in his sandbox and I finally cleaned out the sandbox of old pinecones, leaves, etc. 

A selfie with my favorite little boy!

They literally are my EVERYTHING - I am so honored to be their Mama!

And I'm so lucky that this is the guy who made me one, he really is the best Daddy to these little ones!

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