Friday, May 2, 2014

Baby # 3 - 25 Week Bumpdate

This bumpdate is a little late, but I figured better late than never :)

Due Date: 8/8/2014

How far along: 25 weeks! 
How big is baby: Approx. the size of an eggplant
Weight gain: Still not really sure....
Sleep:  Good, starting to notice I'm getting really tired again early at night. 
Best moment of the week: Our kitchen counters getting put in!!!! 
Movement: Yes, little girl moves around so much
Food cravings: Again this week was taco dip, thankfully it's homemade so I don't feel that bad about eating the entire thing

Food aversions: Nada
Maternity Clothes: Yep! Just got some new leggings, can't wait to live in them
Wedding rings: Down to just my engagement ring!
Symptoms: Heartburn, tons of pressure in my lower stomach, and I have developed a weird rash on my legs, it's not everywhere but it's ugly nonetheless, going to check with the dr next week
Stretch Marks: None - praying it stays that way
Belly button: Just plain ugly!
Gender: Baby girl
What I’m looking forward to: Seeing our baby at my next u/s appt! I feel like it's been forever!
What I miss: Caffeine, I still drink 1 cup of coffee a day but it's half reg/half decaf, I can't wait until I can drink more coffee!
Next appt: 5/7/14
Thankful for: Overall a really good pregnancy so far, I only hope & pray it continues!!  

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