Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Ohhh how I just love long weekends! I took Friday off so for me, it was a 4 day weekend and it was perfection.

Friday started with taking the little man to his last gymnastics class, he sure is going to miss it, he had such a good time and learned alot.

The rest of the day was spent playing outside, naps, baths, a little computer time then bedtimes. It was a nice relaxing day.

Saturday we had our friends over for a BBQ, we hadn't seen them in about a year so it was so good to catch up.  Brayden was being a bit of crank while they were over but there were some good times in there too.  The weather was so perfect!

When they left, we made a fire and roasted some marshmallows and of course made s'mores, well actually I ate s'mores, Brayden ate tons of chocolate and Ella chowed on the graham crackers.  Ella only lasted a few minutes with the fire, she kept wanting to get up and walk around and would nearly fall into the fire each time - talk about stressful.

Sunday morning the hubby started cleaning the garage (which desperately needed it) and Brayden and I went with my MIL to pick out flowers for my birthday.  He was being a stink and not wanting to take a picture, which is starting to become a habit again.  Then it was back home and Brayden hung out with Daddy in the garage.  Our old couches make good seats for the TV that is above the fridge in our garage - hubby is obsessed with TV's.


Daddy was tiiiiired

Later in the day we headed over to my in-laws for a BBQ and the kids went in the hot tub - don't worry, my FIL makes it lukewarm for the kids.  They had a blast.

Ella made her way over to the neighbors house since they have tons of fun toys on their front lawn, she helped herself to their water table :)

Busy girl!

Monday morning I planted some flowers then we all headed out to run some errands.  Hubby needed some new work clothes, I just needed stuff from Hobby Lobby :) and we wanted to get little man his first real bike! (with training wheels) - then we had lunch at Portillos.  Such a fun little morning :)

When we got home, little man was so excited to try riding his bike.  I was excited too until I realized how frustrating it is to teach a kid to pedal, LOL.  I contained my frustration and kept cheering and guiding him on.  He did finally get the hang of it, once he stopped breaking every .2 seconds. I know we need to practice more but I think it was a pretty successful first day of riding and I was really proud of him.

Little Miss wanted to ride Brayden's bike so bad, but instead we pulled out his old tryke, she is still a little small for it but she enjoyed sitting on it, you know, for about 5 seconds :)

After naps we headed over to my in laws again for the hubs and kids to go "swimming" in the hot tub.

They also bought a water table so Ella doesn't have to invade the neighbors yard :)  Girlfriend was so happy!


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