Thursday, March 20, 2014

The newest addition to our family will be.....

We found out this week that baby #3 is a 

To say the news surprised us would be an understatement - the hubs and I both really thought this one was a boy.  Obviously we are happy either way and she looks healthy and is growing right on track so that is all that truly matters!  It's just a little hard for me to grasp that I am going to be a Mom of 2 girls! That is something I never thought I would be, ha ha.  But after having my little Ella and seeing just how awesome girls are, I know having 2 is going to be that much more great.  Plus, I am very excited for Ella to have a sister!  Big brother Brayden is going to have his hands full protecting his 2 little sisters!  We cannot wait to meet our newest little love and I know she is going to steal her Daddy's heart just like Ella has. 

Now, to decide on a name!! This is always the hardest thing for the hubs and I to agree on!

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