Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby #3 - 17 Week Bumpdate

Yucky picture!

Due Date: 8/8/2014
How far along: 17 weeks
How big is baby: The size of an onion
Weight gain: Still not sure, appt is next week
Sleep:  Still getting lots and lots, I actually managed to stay up until 10pm one day last week! 
Best moment of the week: This mornings breakfast - I had a dr appt so I was going into work late and Brayden and I made bacon and pancakes and we all had a nice family breakfast :)  
Movement: Thinking I've felt a few flutters!
Food cravings: This week it was Chinese, the hubs picked it up on Saturday, it was delish and as soon as I ate it, I passed out, ha
Food aversions: Nothing at the moment
Maternity Clothes: Pants and some tops
Wedding rings: On but not for long :( 
Symptoms: - Some pulls and twinges here and there in my tummy
Stretch Marks: None - praying it stays that way
Belly button: In
Gender: We'll know in  2 weeks!!
What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my sister, BIL and baby nephew this weekend!! 
What I miss: Being able to run on the treadmill for more than 2 minutes without taking a break, ha ha 
Next appt: 3/11/14
Thankful for:  Washing machines and Baths - last Friday night Brayden was laying in our bed while I was downstairs, he started screaming, I ran up there and he was throwing up all over my bed, everywhere.  Poor little dude was covered head to toe in throw up.  I gave him a bath and then spent the next hour cleaning the chunky vomit up and then washing EVERYTHING.  So much for my nice quite Friday night :)

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