Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brayden - 44 Months

Brayden Lee! My little munchkin butt, you are now 3 ½! Seriously I feel like we just celebrated your 3rd birthday (which I still can’t believe!!)

You just become more and more funny the older you get.  You say the silliest things, do the silliest things and have me laughing out loud most of the time.  It is so fun being your Mama!  Lately before bed you have started this new crazy routine of spinning your pj’s around and making me grab them, it is so funny! You are laughing the entire time you are doing this by the way, which leaves me cracking up.  First we do the pj bottms, then the pj tops. I love that this is now part of our nighttime routine.   

You have adjusted so well to preschool.  From going to never being around kids since you didn’t go to daycare, to a classroom full of little ones, you have done so great.  You have made a few little friends, and you even tell me you like this girl named “V”, although lately I think this may be changing to Peyton. Everyday I ask who you play with and lately it's only her, so I think V better look out :)  I think you are definitely still a little shy and reserved and you have found some friends that are more outspoken.  Preschool has definitely helped you come out of your shell a little bit and quite a few people have even made mention of this.  I am so proud of you!!

We still love doing crafts together and I really hope that never fades.  I will always want to spend time with you making something fun!  You are really into painting right now, it’s what you want to do like every day, ha ha.

You are still my little helper in the kitchen and I love this.  You are always the one to cut the cucumbers for the week, you love that this is “your” job.  You love to help me bake too, whether it’s cookies or cupcakes and you are always begging to lick the spoon, starting from the second we start, he he.  You always want to help make breakfast on the weekends when I’m home and even though it takes longer, I absolutely love the help from you. 

You are so in love with your Papa!! This makes me so happy to see you two developing a great relationship with eachother, especially since this is your only Grandpa.  I love that we live within walking distance to your Grandparents so we are able to go over there a lot. You will walk in their house and immediately ask Grandma Pam if Papa is home and then you two go to the basement to play your marble game. 

Your favorite TV shows right now are Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Paw Patrol (which took Daddy and I forever to figure out what you were saying when you would ask to watch this! I guess you only watched with Grandma Deb at first) You love the Disney movie Frozen and ask if Queen Elsa can come over everyday to play with you. 

You are mr. sassy pants lately as well.  Being a 3 year old is not easy and I see you trying to find your way in this big ol' world. I like that you can now tell us how you're feeling and what you want, but sometimes, it's so dramatic! But again, I know it's not easy being small, and you are doing a great job!

You are really becoming a "big" brother to Ella, it's sweet the way you ask her to play with you or when you tell her, "come on Ella, time for a bath" I just love the interaction between you two and it's really picking up more and more.  The other day we were at a baptism and Ella was just wandering around at the luncheon and you would follow her and hug her and tell people that was your sister, it melted my heart!

I love you to infinity and beyond my little man, you have made me SO happy! I look forward to watching you continue to grow and thrive.

This picture melts my heart!!

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