Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Fun!

Yesterday was our one day on the weekend where we really didn’t have too much going on, we love these days J

Brayden started the morning off by doing his new puzzles I picked up for him the day before while out shopping – he has really shown a huge interest lately in puzzles – actual pieces puzzles.  He has always liked puzzles and has been doing them since he turned 1.  He has mastered all of his “younger” puzzles so it was perfect when the Easter bunny brought him some puzzles for “big boys”

He has been putting these puzzles together all by himself and is so proud each time, which I am too!

We started using the highchair for Little Miss - LOVE!  (side note, cannot wait to get rid of that flooring!)

We also spent time doing a craft, something we haven’t done together as a family in about a month.  We all had so much fun painting J

Love weekend time with my precious family! Just wish we could have one more day!

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