Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

I can’t believe Easter is already here and gone and we are now in April – really, how the heck did that happen!?

This year, Easter festivities were a lot of fun with little man, he really got into everything (except for sitting on the bunny’s lap!)

We took him to the park district to see the Bunny and play some carnival themed games. They also had a little petting zoo – he was so funny by the animals, he’s still not so sure of some things :) The main reason to go was to see the Bunny – it was much cheaper than it would have been to go to the mall and much better atmosphere – Once again, we got the classic crying on the lap picture – I wonder if next year he will still cry?  I love Ella’s “What am I doing on this bunny’s lap?” face – she is so cute!

We dyed Easter eggs the day before Easter – it was so fun this year! I decided to get creative and not just do the standard coloring for decorating.  We used the coloring, but also used paint, stickers, embellishments, sharpies and glitter.  I think our eggs turned out pretty cool and it was so nice to spend time as a family.

Grandma Deb came over that night and brought the kids their baskets – wow was her Easter Bunny generous! 

Easter morning Little Man came down and saw his basket and said “Woooowowow” and then proceeded to go downstairs and ask for a movie to be turned on without even looking further at his basket – this kid is too funny sometimes.  I got him to come back and look at what the Easter Bunny brought him and he was very pleased with all of his gifts – the kids got so much, not just from our Easter Bunny but the grandparents’ Easter Bunny as well.

Daddy helped Ella open her basket and she did her normal “I don’t care” look, I love that look on her actually, I think she looks super cute when she is super serious.

Daddy then took Brayden in the backyard for his own little egg hunt – the Easter Bunny left so many eggs back there and was very generous with what was inside – dollar coins.  Brayden found all of the eggs and then split the money with Ella – thankfully he didn’t have a problem doing that.  I took video of him doing the hunt – so so cute!!

We spent Easter at the hubby’s grandparents home – we do a brunch at the restaurant inside their community every year and after there was an egg hunt for the little kiddies – Brayden really got into it this year.  At first when I told him it was time to start picking up all the eggs he could find, he would grab one, stop, look at it and say “wow this is a beautiful egg” OMG could he crack me up anymore!? I had to keep reminding him to grab as many as possible. 

Prettiest Girl in the World!

Trying the start the hunt early - little stinker :)


The best family photo we could get with an uncooperative 2.5 yr old :)

It was a great Easter and I know I say this a lot, but it’s because I mean it, I am blessed beyond words.  Having these kiddos makes the holidays that much more special and makes me truly realize just how lucky I am.  I love our little family more than I can express!

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