Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Kiddie Activities

Emiliy over at They Call me Mama got me in the mood to post about some kiddie craft/activities that I have on our To Do list this Spring.

I could spend days browsing through Pinterest! To say I'm addicted to this site would be a slight understatement.  I have pinned a bunch of kiddie crafts/activities under my Stuff for Kids and Outdoor Kid Play boards.  I am pretty good about doing a craft every week wtih Brayden, but sometimes our crafts just consist of coloring/drawing/painting a piece of paper.

I hope by putting this list out there it will hold me accountable to get moving on these fun kiddie crafts!

1)  Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

2) Name Craft

paiting with snap dragons

4) Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This just makes me so excited for warmer weather! Now only if I was a SAHM and could do these kinds of things on a daily basis :) * Wishful Thinking*

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