Thursday, April 18, 2013


Last night we had some bad storms, which always leads our pup to completely freak out.  We weren't up all night with either child, but with the dog! It wasn't until 3:30am that the hubs finally decided to put him in his case in the basement.  I got up for work and was scared that something may have happened to him (he works himself up so bad that I worry he will have a heart attack!!) and started feeling guilty for putting him down there.  When I went to go check on him, before I even opened the door I heard him barking so I figured "he's fine!" I left for work while the rest of my family was still sleeping.

A couple hours later the hubby calls to tell me our basement had flooded!! 3 inches of water covered every inch of the ground.  He told me he walked down and saw Max literally floating around.  I have to admit, that image had me giggle a little in a time that was otherwise kind of stressful.  Thankfully our basement isn't finished or it would have been WAY worse, but still, enough damage was done (still haven't seen everything that's been damaged) and the hubby's morning was completely ruined.  He spent the morning with our plumber pumping the water out of our house, setting up fans and the de-humidifier, and moving all of the wet boxes, etc to our garage.  I am so thankful he did that for us!

So far the only big item we know of that is damaged is our 56" tv.  Possibly damaged are another tv, my treadmill (Ahhh!) and some old pictures.  Those were the only things the hubs said for sure.  There are plenty of boxes in the garage we have yet to go through.

Although this was kind of disastrous, in the bigger scheme of things, it really isn't that bad.  We still have eachother and most of this stuff (hopefully) can be replaced.  At the end of the day, I was just so happy to come home to my beautiful kiddos.  Before having them, something like this may have had me freaking out.  But now I have realized (since having them) what life is truly about and I am really trying not to sweat the small stuff.

I am beyond blessed to have these 2 in my life (as well as my hubby!)

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