Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Goodies

I know Valentine's Day is over but just today is when I gave the kiddos and the hubs their gifts.  I was going to leave it on the table yesterday before I left for work but I wanted to be there when Brayden saw his.

For Brayden and Ella I got these adorable buckets from the Target 1$ spot last month - Brayden loves these little buckets.  I thought about not getting one for Ella because she has no clue what's going on, but I just couldn't do it.  Of course she doesn't have nearly as much in hers and Brayden does.

Both got little tins filled with money.  I added heart stickers to them for a cute touch.  Brayden also got some chocolate hearts, a cake pop, bubbles, stickers and miniature elephant.  My SIL turned me on to these animals and Brayden loves collecting them.  This one is from Michaels - they have a great selection.

I added a personalized tag and of course the kiddos have no appreciation for anything personalized yet, but it still makes me happy.

Brayden made some cookies for Daddy and the kids also got a Valentine Madagascar movie

I think it's safe to say Brayden's favorite thing in his bucket was the elephant, he has been carrying it ever since and is napping with him right now :)

 It was a great Valentine's Day!

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