Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ella's First Giggles

I have been waiting for the baby giggles to come from Little Miss - I can clearly remember the first time I heard Brayden giggle - we were watching Dancing with the Stars and I put him in the recliner during a commercial and started to dance in front of him and out of no where the biggest chuckle came out of his tiny body, I will never forget that moment (Thankfully it's here now in case I do!)

I knew with Ella being a preemie that the laughs/giggles/etc would all come a little later so I really had no clue when she would start to giggle.  I would tell the hubs that I thought it was coming and that I hope he would be the first to hear/see them since I was the first with Brayden.  Then today the 4 of us were hanging out on our bed just messing around and Brayden started to make raspberries and out of no where Little Miss did it - she chuckled so loud and could barely contain her excitement! Brayden did it a few more times and each time she would burst out with the giggles! The hubs and I just looked at eachother in amazement - it literally brought tears to my eyes that we were all there to witness her first giggle and that her big brother is the one who got it out of her.

What a great way to end our already fantastic weekend!

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