Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bye Bye Binki

We have been wanting to break the paci habit with Brayden for some time (he only uses it for naps and sleeping) but between moving him into a big boy bed, moving houses, and recently potty training (more on that soon!!) we kept putting it off. Then my friend put a post on FB about moving her daughter to a big girl bed and weaning the paci and someone wrote about taking their kid to Build A Bear and putting the paci inside. I thought this was GENIUS!!

The hubs was on board and has been preparing Brayden for putting his paci in a teddy bear. Brayden has been very excited about this (I'm sure he really didn't comprehend what was going to happen). This weekend we finally had time to go to Build A Bear, it was such a fun experience! It was so cute watching Brayden pick out his bear, add his paci and a heart inside, wash him and dress him. When we were done, Rick said it almost brought a tear to his eye watching our little man build his bear.

The lady who stuffed his bear made sure to put the paci in his foot so Brayden can always feel it.

He was in love instantly

Waiting patiently :)

There goes the paci!

Adding the heart

Giving Ralph a bath


Our newest addition- Ralph!

It's been 2 nights without the paci and honestly it hasn't been too bad so far - I really hope it continues.  He asked for it the first night but we just reminded him that his paci is now inside Ralph and made him feel his foot and he said "Oh, there's my paci!" and really that was the end of it.  

I am so proud of my little man for being so great through this process - he continues to amaze me every day!

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